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10 Main Characters Who Are The Worst Ones On The Show

Have you ever watched a TV show and thought that the main character, when compared to everyone else, was actually the worst character they had? You’re not alone. We’ve been there too.

1. Ted Mosby – How I Met Your Mother

The entire show is based around finding out who Ted winds up with, but if we’re being honest, we stopped caring after season one. Ted never listens to his friends good advice and he’s just too needy. No offense to Josh Radnor, but when Neil Patrick Harris is around, it’s hard to concentrate on anyone else.

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2. Dawson Leery – Dawson’s Creek

Dawson is easily one of the worst character’s we have ever met on TV. He’s a dick to his best friend Pacey and he’s so wrong for Joey. Through the entire six seasons of this series, we were rooting against Dawson.

3. Ross Geller – Friends

We still need someone to explain to us how on Earth Rachel wound up with Ross. At any given point in the show, how was he the one for her? Chandler and Monica, now that’s a couple we can get behind!

4. Cory Mathews – Boy Meets World

No one bite our heads off for this one. But Cory by himself was nothing to smile at. When he was part of Cory & Shawn or Cory & Topanga, he was golden. But all the times he was single/confused about his relationship were terrible times for us viewers.

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5. Screech – Saved By The Bell

Screech is probably the only character on this list that everyone will agree with. He was a character designed to drive us all nuts. We constantly wondered why Zach and the rest of the Bayside crew were even friends with this guy.

6. Alan Harper – Two and a Half Men

Get your own house! Alan is such a freeloader. We could kind of accept it when he was living with his brother, even if he constantly got on our nerves. But when Ashton Kutcher took over for Charlie Sheen (after an epic public meltdown) we could not believe that this character still lived at someone else’s house.

7. Lori Grimes – The Walking Dead

Any TWD fan knows, Lori was just the worst. She never knew where her kid was. She was terrible to poor Rick. And that whole mess of not knowing who the actual father of Judith was? Classic Lori.

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8. Leonard Hofstadter – The Big Bang Theory

Many people might argue that Dr. Sheldon Cooper is actually the worst one of this show, but they would be wrong. Sheldon’s character is designed to get on your nerves. Leonard on the other hand, he’s whiny, annoying, and yet he somehow manages to snag the hottie that lives next door? Questionable.

9. Olivia Pope – Scandal

We’re Gladiators. We’re here to support Olivia. But we can’t help but acknowledge the fact that most of Olivia’s issues (that affect her friends and loved ones) are kind of her fault.

10. Alison DiLaurentis – Pretty Little Liars

Anyone who has gotten sucked into the PLL fandom (hi, we know ABC Family knows how to draw in a crowd) knows that Ali is the absolute worst. They’ve tried to redeem this character and failed every time. We will never like or root for Ali, but we’re rooting for her friends to get the hell away from her.

Who do you think is the absolute worst of the worst? Comment your thoughts below!

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