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Will Ferrell Set to Play “John Madden” in Upcoming Film

With 100 days until the week one kickoff of football season, get ready for some exciting news! Will Ferrell is currently set to play the late  John Madden in upcoming biopic Madden. The Amazon Prime Video film will stream and also have a theatrical release.

The Life and Times of NFL Darling John Madden

John Madden was an NFL legend who revolutionized the football field with his creative insights and coaching strategies. Here’s a quick look at his amazing career and legacy.

For those who need a refresher, John Madden was a coach and sports commentator for the NFL. He served as the head coach of the Oakland Raiders from 1969 to 1978, who he led to eight playoff appearances, seven division titles, seven AFL/AFC Championship Game appearances, and the franchise’s first Super Bowl title in Super Bowl XI.  Madden holds the highest winning percentage among NFL head coaches who coached at least 100 games.

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Acting Icon Will Ferrell Takes Up A Sports Role Once Again

Will Ferrell has played a variety of roles. His comedic talents have worked well in critically acclaimed films.

His physical comedy skills have made him known for his portrayal of iconic figures. However, he can be serious when the role calls for it such as his roles in Stranger Than Fiction and Everything Must Go. It will be a treat to see what direction Ferrell and David O. Russell, the director, take this portrayal of the NFL legend.

Now, gamers may recognize John Madden’s influence in another arena. Madden Football is in fact named after the iconic commentator. It’s currently the  the only officially licensed NFL video game series since 2004. 

The series was developed by EA founder Trip Hawkins who pitched Madden with the game idea in 1984.  Due to Madden’s insistence on the game being as realistic as possible, the first game didn’t come out until 1988. After that, they say, the rest is history with a new game in the series coming out every year starting in 1990. When EA acquired the rights to use NFL teams and players, the series’ name changed to Madden NFL in 1993.  In the end, Madden helped change the video game with Madden NFL, the 24 iteration of which comes out this fall.

Behind the Scenes of the Upcoming John Madden Film Starring Will Farrell

John Madden was one of the most charismatic men in NFL history to grace the sidelines, and now a new film will tell his story. He led the Raiders to the Super Bowl to sharing his love for the game on TV and creating one of the most popular video game franchises ever. While his coaching style showed a new way of teaching to X’s and O’s of football, he found a second act for his career that shot him to new levels of fame. 

Madden will be directed by David O. Russell, who directed hits such as American Hustle, Silver Linings Playbook, and Amsterdam. New York Giants co-owner Steve Tisch has also joined the Madden team as a producer. Madden even has the blessing of the NFL itself as the film features one of sports most beloved figures. 

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Whether you love the man, the game, or just a good biopic, Madden is sure to be a touchdown for cinema fans everywhere

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