Logan From ‘One Tree Hill’ Is Still The Cutest Human Ever

It has already been four years since we said goodbye to One Tree Hill. We still quote Lucas Scott almost daily. This show will live on in our hearts forever, so it’s not uncommon to check up on the cast every so often (AKA daily). Pierce Gagnon joined the OTH cast during it’s final season to play the cutest child alive, Logan. We fell in love with Logan the minute Clay first met him. What’s not to love about that face?!

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Well, fast-forward 4 years and Pierce is an absolute cutie. We are always nervous that cute kids will only stay cute for a short period of time. Thankfully Pierce is pretty much cuter than ever!
Click to flip and see Pierce now:


Pierce is still going strong in the acting world. He was in Tomorrowland with George Clooney in 2015 and did a stint on the show Extant. We can look forward to seeing him on the show Twin Peaks in 2017, though we’re not quite sure what role he’ll play in the revival of the cult classic. Either way, we’re ready to see his cute little face on our screens again.

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