The 10 Weirdest Celebrity Crimes In History

Sometimes when celebrities get in trouble, they do it in a very spectacular way. Many have been dragged off in handcuffs or investigated for strange reasons. But these ten definitely have to be the weirdest celebrity crimes in history!

1. Ariana Grande investigated for doughnut licking.


The world didn’t know what to make of things when a video surfaced of the singer licking a store’s doughnuts that she didn’t buy. After facing public scrutiny, the Lake Elsinore Police Department and the Riverside County Department of Environmental Health are investigating to see if the licked donuts were sold to customers, according to CNN. The good news for the singer is that the store decided not to press charges.

2. Boy George arrested for “false imprisonment” of a male escort.


Some like handcuffs when they get kinky, but this is just too far! The performer was sentenced 15 months in jail for keeping a male escort handcuffed to a wall and beating him with a metal chain, according to The Guardian. Luckily the escort didn’t have any lasting physical damage.

3. Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Herman) arrested for self-pleasuring himself in adult movie theater.


The headliner of the kid’s show was arrested in 1991 for getting too excited in an adult movie theater, according to Entertainment Weekly. He later pleaded no contest to an indecent exposure charge.

4. Justin Bieber pleads no contest to egging mansion.


Egging is pretty childish, so it’s weird to see a megastar go to court over it. His neighbors called 911 reporting that eggs were being thrown at their home from the direction of Bieber’s house. Last year, the performer pleaded no contest for vandalism and got two year probation, according to CNN.

5. Ozzy Osbourne arrested for peeing on a monument.


The rock star seemed to not be able to hold it in! In 1982, he peed on the wall of The Alamo Cenotaph, a statue in honor of 189 Texans who died defending The Alamo, according to Ultimate Classic Rock. He was arrested for public intoxication and urination. He was banned from San Antonio then pardoned ten years later after donating $10,000 towards the Alamo’s upkeep.

6. Katt Williams slapping a Target employee.

artapparent: Killed it.Tumblr

The comedian has had a long string of run-ins with the police, but the weirdest one happened to be caught on video. In 2012, he we into a Target in Sacramento and he started talking to an employee. He is then seen slapping the employee before riding off on an electric cart. He actually did evade the cops that time, but he was then arrested a few days later on assault and obstructing police for allegedly being part of a bar fight in Seattle.

7. Winona Ryder shoplifted in Saks.


The last thing you would have expected from a rich actress is shoplifting, but perhaps some people like a great steal. The actress was caught on video trying to get away with $4,760 worth of clothes and accessories in a large bag. She was later charged with grand theft, along with illegal possession of prescription drugs, which were found on her when the police caught up with her, according to PEOPLE. She was later convicted of two counts of in shoplifting, according to The New York Times.

8. Hugh Grant arrested after being caught trying to find a prostitute.


The British actor was dating Elizabeth Hurley at the time, so it made it even more surprising when he was busted driving up to a prostitute at 1:30 am in 1995, according to The Telegraph. He later pled guilty to misdemeanor lewd conduct.

9. Mel Gibson’s DUI, anti-Semtic tirade, and calling a sergeant “sugar tits”.


Sadly getting a DUI isn’t unheard of in Hollywood. But people were shocked to hear some of what the actor said to officers while being arrested on the suspicion of drunk driving. According to TMZ, he said the following to a deputy “The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world. Are you a Jew?” He then allegedly went on to ask a female sergeant, “What do you think you’re looking at, sugar tits?”

10. George Michael arrested for getting busy in a public bathroom.


The singer was caught by an undercover police officer doing a lewd act by himself in the public restrooms in a Beverly Hills park, according to Rolling Stone. He later pleaded no contest and was sentenced a fine and community service.