“House of Wax” Interview: Paris Hilton

“See Paris Die!” proclaims the T-shirts producer Joel Silver had printed up to promote his latest horror thriller House of Wax. But the question on audiences lips is whether or not they’ll “See Paris Act” as the hotel heiress-turned-reality-show icon takes on her first major on-screen role.

With her platinum locks pulled back into a ponytail, a pink-sweat suited Paris Hilton sat down with Hollywood.com and shared her thoughts on making the transition to the big screen, taking her dad to a film where she slips into skimpy undies, cheering her own death scene and her not-so-simple plans for the future of The Simple Life.

Here comes your first big acting role in a movie and it looks like they put you through hell to do it. Did you get injured during your barefoot chase scene through the woods?

Paris Hilton: “Yeah. My feet were all cut up. It wasn’t like a set, it was a real forest, and we were really running through it. It wasn’t really planned. It was running — he was like ‘Pretend this guy’s really chasing you and run,’ so I was just running and I was bumping into trees and I couldn’t see. It was scary, and my feet got all messed up.”

Even with all of that, was it everything you wanted from an acting job?

Hilton: “It was pretty brutal, but it’s a Joel Silver film, a really cool concept, a great cast and an amazing director, so it was worth all the running around in the forest, getting killed. I know of Joel Silver because I’ve seen all of his movies, and every movie he does is a hit, so just to work with him is an honor. I thought it would be a fun character to play and a cool movie to do.”

Have you seen the finished film? What was it like to watch it now that you’ve done it?

Hilton: “I saw it two days ago. I’m glad I saw it before the premiere, because I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat, like screaming, like covering my eyes. I was so grossed out. If I did that during the premiere, I’d be so embarrassed. Now I know where all the scenes are where you jump up and scream, so I can contain myself. I loved it, getting caught up in the flow of the movie. It’s such a fun, cool movie to watch.”

Are you any more or less critical of watching yourself act on the big screen than seeing yourself on The Simple Life?

Hilton: “Well, Simple Life‘s a reality show, so I’m just being myself. But yeah, I think the bigger you see yourself, you critique yourself more.”

Was it a difficult transition from playing yourself as the cameras roll to going to a set and putting yourself into a character?

Hilton: “No. I’ve been training for acting like forever, so it was just easy…I love it. I’ve always wanted to be a movie star since I was like a two-year-old, so this is just a dream come true and I love it. It’s fun.”

Was it tough to prove yourself as a genuine actress and show that you weren’t just coming on as a personality playing a version of herself?

Hilton: “Everyone who’s seen it has told me that ‘I didn’t even think of it.’ They said before they saw it they thought they’d be thinking ‘Oh, this is Paris Hilton’ the whole time, but they said none of them were, and I just did the best job I could. And I think I did a good job, and I’m excited because it’s my first big film and I think people are going to be happy about it and like it.”

What acting advice did you get from your costars?

Hilton: “Elisha was just like ‘If you mess up, don’t worry–Everyone messes up. If you forget a line, just breathe and start over.'”

What are the differences between you and your character?

Hilton: “I think Paige is like a small town girl. She’s sort of like me, but not really. She was more shy, more insecure, and she, like, cared so much about this guy, and she thought like she was, like, scared he wasn’t going to marry her and things like that. So I don’t think like that. [laughs]”

Do you have any insecurities yourself?

Hilton: “I think every girl does. But not a lot.”

Apparently not. You have a pretty steamy strip tease in the film–did you get to pick out the lingerie set you wore?

Hilton: “Mmm, no. I picked out a different one. I didn’t like the red, but then it ended up looking good. I wanted pink!”

It’s not exactly a secret that you get killed in the film. People were actually cheering in the theater when you die…

Hilton: “I thought it was the coolest death scene. It’s really awesome. I cheered! It was dope.”

What are YOU afraid of? What personally scares you?

Hilton: “Bugs. And dead people.”

What actresses do you look up to?

Hilton:Cameron Diaz. I love her, and think she’s so gorgeous and funny. I love her and what she does. She’s my favorite. And I love Angelina Jolie, because she’s the most beautiful woman in the world, and she’s a good person. She helps children and travels around the world and uses her name for something good, and I really respect that. She’s amazing.”

What would your ideal film role be?

Hilton:There’s Something About Mary. I want to do a movie with the Farrelly brothers, like something like Cameron in that movie. I thought that would be a perfect role for me.”

What’s going on with The Simple Life? Has Fox made a decision to replace Nicole Richie with Kimberly Stewart yet?

Hilton: “We’re not discussing anything yet, but it’s gonna be–I had a great three seasons, and for four I want to bring on new people and just make it fresh and fun and just bring it back to like really reality like the first season, and just make it more interesting and more fun.”

Can you talk about what prompted the change, and your falling out with Nicole?

Hilton: “I don’t want to talk about it. I just hope Nicole’s happy and healthy and has a great life.”

What are some of your other goals? Do you have other benchmarks you hope to reach?

Hilton: “I’ve like done everything I want to do. I just want to start a family and have kids and complete–that completes your life.”

Do you ever think that you’ve had too much too soon?

Hilton: “I think I’ve had a great life and I’m glad I’ve learned everything at a young age. Now I can be a great adult.”