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Choice Words from the Stars at the 33rd Annual People’s Choice Awards

The people have spoken: After taking to the Internet to complete an online poll, the movie-going and TV-watching public named the winners of the 33rd Annual People’s Choice Awards, and now it’s time for the stars to talk back to the fans. Hollywood.com hit Los Angeles’ Shrine Auditorium to bring the celebs’ messages back to the people.

On the Way In
First, the stars faced the red carpet gauntlet, hoping their outfits met with the people’s approval—and yes, just about every nominee who showed up knew they were taking a spin on stage, since the PCA’s let the winners know they taking home a trophy well before the ceremony.

“Tonight I am going for the pretty, pretty princess gown!” said Heroes’ Hayden Panettiere, who perfected the look in a spectacular gown by Pamella Roland. For this award show, Panettiere selected Pamella’s beautiful flamingo/sand ombre chiffon gown, with Beaudry’s lily and marquis diamond pink bezel heart-shaped platinum and rose gold Juliet earrings, diamond platinum bracelet as well as a Emerald cut Stilette ring.

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It turned out the be a great choice for the TV cheerleader when was crowned Favorite New TV Drama. “I just really loved the colors. I thought it was a fun dress and it’s so beautiful and classy and I feel comfortable in it,” Panettiere said. “Clothes are always a struggle because I never really own anything. I have to go out and find people who will let me borrow them just for the night.”

Her co-star Greg Grunberg admitted he may have helped turned the tide in Heroes’ favor. “I voted every day since we were nominated,” he revealed. “It’s nice because the fans actually got on their computers and voted. It really means a lot. With the Golden Globes, there are only about 88 people that vote and they are the same people who have been voting for years. It’s crazy because Heroes could have flopped or it could have been a hit. I’m just glad it’s a hit and we are doing well.”

Country star Kenny Chesney hadn’t caved to the pressure to peek online and punch up his own vote tally. “I never vote for myself or buy my own record,” the Favorite Male Singer said. “Everything because it is given to me by the people we have been playing to all these years. The last five years have been the most amazing ride of my life. I think the relationship I have with the people who voted for this award is just unbelievable so it means a lot.”

Gossip watchers take note: even though Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake are apparently now Splitsville, both collected statuettes (she was Favorite Leading Lady, his “SexyBack” was Favorite R&B song). We didn’t score any scoop about their awkward interactions. Skipping the carpet, Diaz quietly cruised in backstage just before her award was bestowed, while JT accepted his trophy live via satellite from the stage of his Orange County concert.

Also, if Halle Berry truly is pregnant, as has been repeatedly rumored in the celeb blogosphere, she certainly wasn’t showing in the skintight, super-short gold laquered Gucci dress she wore to collect her award for Favorite Female Action Star. “When I think of the People’s Choice awards I think of a fun good time and we are with regular people,” Berry explained, “and I thought this was a fun dress to wear tonight.”

The only whiff of scandal we sniffed was when Grey’s Anatomy star T.T. Knight and a gal pal walked by his co-star and outer Isaiah Washington with not a word or second glance. The show earned props for Favorite TV Drama, and the ladies of the doc drama might have been lobbying for Best Dressed—and Best Coordinated—Ensemble as the strode the red carpet: Ellen Pompeo wore a chic, simple black Michael Kors dress; Sandra Oh picked black, chiffon-striped Armani; Sara Ramirez chose a black dress by Tart; Kate Walsh donned a navy Escada dress with bodacious back straps; and ponytailed Katherine Heigl wore a shimmering ice blue dress by Kevan Hall and Beaudry’s diamond drop earrings.

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On Stage
As she zipped onstage to collect her award for Favorite Female Movie Star, Jennifer Aniston told the audience she was glad she didn’t pull a Britney and decided to wear underwear, since the front-row fans had a view that might have earned her an award more suited to Jenna Jameson. “You all have supported me since the days of Friends, just through all of it,” she said. “Good work, bad work and the ugly. I just thank you for continually inviting me back.”

Aniston’s The Break-Up star and former flame Vince Vaughn beat out her ex-husband Brad Pitt for Favorite Male Movie Star, and graciously thanked his one-time leading lady.

Johnny Depp was shooting in London, but he took time out for a satellite link-up to thank the fans for naming Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest as Favorite Movie and Favortie Movie Drama. and himself as Favorite Male Star. “I’ve said this before, but the fact that this award comes from the people makes it that much more special,” said Depp, “Thanks for the honor. Thanks for keeping me employed. You’re the boss.” The actor also scored the trophy for Favorite Male Action Star and shared Favorite On-Screen Match-Up with costar Keira Knightley.

Meanwhile, Adam Sandler couldn’t quite be torn away from the links to accept the award naming Click as Favorite Movie Comedy, but he showed up live via satellite from an Oahu golf course where he was on a family vacation. He graciously offered everyone at the Shrine a first-class ticket to join him in Hawaii if he could make a “simple” 25-foot putt. Needless to say, the audience didn’t go home and pack their bags.

In the Winner’s Circle
Ellen Degeneres planted a major kiss on her girlfriend Portia de Rossi when she won the title of Favorite Talk Show Host, and after the two strolled hand in hand into the press room, she offered advice on making a relationship work in high-pressure Hollywood,

“I think finding the right person and making sure they click with you,” said Degeneres, who was also proclaimed Favorite Funny Female Star. “Sometimes when you are doing a jigsaw puzzle and the piece looks like it should fit exactly but it doesn’t and you try and squeeze it in and it somehow works but you know its not the right piece but you are lazy so you leave that piece there; you just have to find that right piece and she is that right piece. I’ve found the right piece!”

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Degeneres, who’ll be hosting the Academy Awards in February, also had high marks for PCA host Queen Latifah. “Queen is doing a great job,” she said. “She is so natural at everything she does because she is so relaxed and I think that is the most important thing. She is so funny and personable and I love her.”

After joining his castmates to collect the Favorite TV Comedy Award, Two and Half Men star Angus T. Jones was asked what he had learned from his co-stars Jon Cryer and Charlie Sheen. Angus proved he was good at taking direction after Charlie whispered surreptitiously in his ear and he responded enthusiastically “Everything I know! Every brilliant moment I have had came directly from Jon or Charlie!”

Dashing backstage in a short, sparkly Michael Kors gown, Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria admitted she got nervous onstage when she was names Favorite Female TV Star and forgot to thanks several key people. “I wanted to thank catering, everyone I see everyday at work, and the guy that brings my cereal,” said an embarrassed Longoria, who was also sans fiancé Tony Parker. “Felicity Huffman is my date tonight because Tony couldn’t be here and I forgot to thank her!”

Halle Berry offered her advice on presenting an award to Robin Williams (she handed off his Favorite Funny Male Star trophy and found herself subjected to a groping that would make even Adrien Brody blush) “You have to let it happen and hold on to everything!” said Berry. For his part, Williams bypassed offering the typical tips to other stars about the best way to endure a Hollywood awards show, and instead gave advice to the fans watching at home: “You must have a very comfortable couch with TiVo, because that way you can fast forward through everything.”

Finally, Williams weighed in on the escalating conflict that’s been threatening to tear the nation apart—Rosie O’Donnell vs. Donald Trump, America’s Favorite Feud, although it didn’t earn any awards. He definitively picked a side: “Rosie’s, because she is a comic and she is tough. I am with Rosie and she will win. If they get in a room together and he calls her a fat slob to her face, I mean it will just be OVER!”

–Reporting by Carlene Davis



• Female star: Jennifer Aniston
• Male star: Johnny Depp
• Leading lady: Cameron Diaz
• Leading man: Vince Vaughn
• Female action star: Halle Berry
• Male action star: Johnny Depp
• On-screen matchup: Johnny Depp & Keira Knightley
• Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest
• Movie drama: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest
• Movie comedy: Click
• Family movie: Cars 


• Female singer: Carrie Underwood
• Male singer: Kenny Chesney
• Group: Nickelback
• R&B song: “SexyBack” by Justin Timberlake
• Hip-hop song: “Shake That” by Eminem
• Pop song: “Hips Don’t Lie” by Shakira
• Country song: “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood
• Rock song: “Who Says You Can’t Go Home” by Bon Jovi
• Song from a movie: “Life is a Highway” by Rascal Flatts from “Cars”
• Remake: “Life is a Highway” by Rascal Flatts

• Comedy: Two and a Half Men
• Animated Comedy: The Simpsons
• Drama: Grey’s Anatomy
• Competition/Reality show: American Idol
• New Comedy: The Class
• New Drama: Heroes
• Female star: Eva Longoria
• Male star: Patrick Dempsey
• Talk show host: Ellen DeGeneres

• Funny female star: Ellen DeGeneres
• Funny male star: Robin Williams

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