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Daily Show; Colbert Report — 11/10c; 11:30/10:30c on Comedy Central

[IMG:L]Daily Show with Jon Stewart; The Colbert Report — 11/10c; 11:30/10:30c on Comedy Central

Sure, network TV’s five late-night shows returned last week amidst the unresolved writers strike, but their massive viewership is nowhere near as fervent as that of Comedy Central’s satirical two-fer.

I mean, does The Tonight Show have its own “Nation” like The Colbert Report does? No! 

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Stewart and Colbert finally return tonight, and not a moment too soon, what with the (political) debates and (Britney Spears) debacle currently grabbing all the headlines.

Of course, the mere fact that these two have been gone for two-plus months is reason enough for excitement.

Both hosts, like Conan O’BrienJay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel before them, will be without their writers, and the Comedy Central duo will probably join Conan as the only hosts who can ably wing it on their own.

As of yet, much like last week’s late-night returnees, no word on just who will appear as guests on Daily Show and Colbert Report, so viewers are forced to tune in to find out.


[IMG:R]Critics’ Choice Awards — 9/8c on VH1
The first major awards ceremony of the season is hosted by…D.L. Hughley? Ouch. Another victory for the Writers Guild.

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