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Stars Get Called on the (Red) Carpet at the 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards

What would be running through YOUR head if you were walking down the red carpet on your way to the world-famous Golden Globes awards ceremony? In fact, it’d be probably something similar to what was on the stars’ minds, as Hollywood.com learned.

Our old pal Access Hollywood stalwart Nancy O’Dell was, as usual, one of the first to add her own star wattage to the red carpet before quizzing the stars on their gowns, good luck charms and butterfly-filled tummies, and this time she was interviewing for two (Nancy’s about to be a mommy). “It took me a lot longer to get ready this time, because I have the pregnancy bump,” said the still-svelte hostess with the most-est, “You strategically have to place everything. And in fact, you have to decide what you’re gonna do with your hair, because your body just looks completely different. It’s a whole new thing. I’ve been doing this for 11 years, and it’s the first time I’ve had to dress me and baby.”

Teri Hatcher was busy turning heads in her Roberto Cavalli gown, a slinky white Grecian-inspired number with an elaborately designed belt, and she couldn’t help but notice that a lot of the other ladies on the red carpet were in Aphrodite-inspired frocks. “A lot of women are doing white,” she mused. “There may be a little ‘Embrace your inner goddess’ thing going on.”

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Jorge Garcia was feeling a little Lost on the arrivals line, even though he’d been through the Globes grind before. “It feels a lot different,” he confessed. “I remember Golden Globe was kind of the trial by fire I had as far as red carpets go. It’s very busy, and it’s overwhelming.” As far as the final trophy tally was concerned, Jorge admitted be was “heavily rooting for us, heavily rooting for Evie [Lilly] as well, but I gotta say I’m also rooting for the kids in Heroes. I love their show, even though they’re right up against us. You know, if they take it from us, I’m happy to pass it along to them.”

Jorge’s co-star Josh Holloway hit the carpet with much less ambivalence. “I love this stuff,” he said, and that included the fashion aspect—he traded Sawyer’s open-shirted sex appeal for Dolce & Gabbana formal wear. “ I’ve always loved their designs. I’m tall and skinny and they fit me well.”

Grey’s Anatomy’s Kate Walsh dissected her morning prep time with the skill of a surgeon, opted for a more Zen-like approach to the big day. “I stayed in bed as long as I could,” she said, even without a McDreamy or a McSteamy there to motivate her. “Then I went to Pilates, and then took my dog to the vet.” Kate was ready to changeup her laid-back entry to the Globes –whether her show scored a trophy or not. “Oh, I’m going to ALL the parties,” she said, a long night justified with time off from the set. “We’re off of work tomorrow, yay! So, we’re OUT. Hopefully, we’ll have lots to celebrate.”

“I’ve always liked coming to this event,” said HeroesMilo Ventimiglia, who enjoyed the awards puffery “because there’s such an opportunity to bump into people that you don’t get to see all the time. Like, friends you may have worked with on a film years and years ago, or on a different TV show, or the parties and whatnot. It’s just nice to have it all under one roof, too. You don’t have to, like, worry about going to this party, that party, that party. Parking, security, walking in. You’re in, you’re in.”

Pulling up Weeds, full-fledged nominee Justin Kirk found his chances at a trophy skyrocketing. “I’m not planning on having to get up or anything. And I’ve been here before, you know?” he explained. “Not to be all old school on you, and all cocky. But, yeah, it feels good. It’s good. I’m really happy. Our show is lousy with nominations, and so that’s great.”

Don’t expect straight scoop from 24’s Mary Lynn Rajskub, who is honest about her dress regiment, which took under 24 hours. “I started about five a.m. There’s an owl up in my tree, there’s some coyotes, said hello to them. Said, ‘Do you like my spray tan?’” She did offer an intriguing (and unlikely) plotline for the drama series. “Jack bites a guy’s neck until he dies. That happened last night. People are gonna die. People you know and love will die.”

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“I just saw [Meryl] Streep from afar, and that was very exciting,” exclaimed The Office’s Melora Hardin. “I just love people watching. I love seeing my peers. I love all the people that I think are so talented that inspire me and excite me, and they’re performances. You know, this is really the fun of it, tonight. Is just to – to be so close to all the people that you die – that you would die to work with.”

Meanwhile, Mario Lopez was test-driving a new gig: “I’m working for Extra, since I’m gonna be the new weekend host. So I’m just gonna be interviewing all the big stars, and talking to everybody.” He copped to being a “little bit nervous…because I’m a big fan, so I don’t want to get, like, tongue-tied and stuff.”

And stuff.

Any awards show that can prompt the cast of Ugly Betty to dance around the red carpet, is, frankly, Golden. But even as the party was just gearing up, some of the stars were planning their exit strategy, including comedian Dane Cook. “We’re gonna stay out till one of us says my feet hurt,” revealed Cook, and we believe him.

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