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Sunday: ‘Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer’

[IMG:L]Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer — 9/8c on HBO

As Iron Man officially marks the beginning of Summer Movie Season 2008, the blockbusters of summer ’07 are finally hitting HBO.

Tonight is the HBO premiere of last June’s Fantastic Four sequel, Rise of the Silver Surfer.

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Although it didn’t fare as well as all the threequels that hit theaters around the same time, Silver Surfer was none too shabby at the box office (it grossed $131.9 million domestically).

Perhaps that’s because the only thing diehard comic-book fans love more than a big-screen adaptation is Jessica Alba clad in skintight attire.

Imagine how much less it would’ve made without Alba’s, um, assets on full display.

The actress reprises her role alongside Ioan GruffuddChris Evans and Michael Chiklis as the title superheroic quartet.

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