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TV Rewind: ‘Fresh Meat’ on MTV, L.C Moves to ‘The Hills’, ‘Rescue Me’ Explodes on F/X

Rescue Me Is Back, and the Fire Is Hotter Than Ever!
After the death of his son last season, Tommy’s old drinking habits come rearing back. He is trying to fit the pieces of his life back together, but his wife (who thinks it is his fault their son died) is taking him to the cleaners in their divorce. And to top it off, his late brother’s 16-year-old son, who Tommy has been a surrogate father to, is sleeping with his 38-year-old science teacher. After Tommy visits the teacher for a little one on one, it seems he himself may get involved with the seductive teacher. Yet the biggest shock of the show comes in the last two minutes when we find out Tommy’s soon to be ex-wife is now dating his other brother Johnny. He can’t be that mad, though; Tommy did sleep with his dead brother’s wife last season.

Fresh Challenge, Fresh Drama, Fresh Meat
Just when you think the folks over at MTV are running out of challenging ideas, we’ve got Real World/Road Rules: Fresh Meat. Throwing in new faces with the veterans from previous casts, it’s the best of both worlds. And the best part? Coral is back! You know if Coral is around, there’s gonna be drama, and this time is no different. After each veteran is paired up with a new player, the teams get rolling, and after the first two challenges, Coral and her partner come out on top. Big surprise. Unfortunately, for the couples from the Austin cast–Danny/Melinda and Wes/Johanna–being together means getting thrown into exile as quickly as possible. Because Coral won the challenge, she gets to pick the first team to fight for survival and picks Wes. After a vote from the rest of the cast, Danny is sent in against Wes. Sadly, Melinda’s heart is broken when Wes returns to the house and Danny does not. Not to fret Melinda, I’m sure you’ll be next.

From Laguna Beach to L.A: Lauren Vogues
There are a million girls in the U.S who would kill for the opportunity to intern at Teen Vogue and Laguna Beach’s L.C is basically handed the internship–probably due to the publicity she gets. Day one of the internship is pretty mundane, until L.C and Whitney (the other intern) are told they have to work the “Hollywood Issue” party. After the excitement dies down, Lauren runs home to tell her new roommate Heidi about the A-List festivities. Heidi begs to be snuck in–along with four other friends–but L.C says she can’t do it because it might jeopardize her internship. Yet, with Whitney running the door and L.C guarding the V.I.P section, it seems too easy to get her friends in. Of course, all hell breaks loose and when Teen Vogue’s editor spots Heidi and her boyfriend fighting, she tells Lauren, “We will discuss this on Monday.” Uh, oh, her first big event may be her last!

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Keep Your Eyes Peeled
Since Idol is over, America needs something else to invest their time in. Enter America’s Got Talent, another talent show from producer Simon Cowell. The show is hosted by the notorious Regis Philbin and begins with a two-hour premiere June 21.

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