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TV Rewind: So Long Ace!; Storm’s A-Brewin’ on the ‘Real World’; Teddy’s Karma on ‘8th and Ocean’

No More Lip Curl!
Say good-bye to Ace Young, the lip curling, bad singing, and even worse hair boy band wannabe, who sang his final song on American Idol this week. Although I’m obviously not broken up about it, there are millions of tweens everywhere cryin’ their eyes out. Ace’s good-looks and what they thought was a good voice was a big deal to them. Unfortunately for me, I’m sure we’ll be seeing him again soon.

Hurricane Rita Makes Its Way to Key West
As if the storm in the house isn’t bad enough, a real storm is making its way into Key West. After a night of partying–and Paula stealing yet another one of John’s girls–the Real World house turns into a royal rumble after John calls Paula a lesbian. Touché. As Paula reiterates that she is a lesbian, either to get John off her back, or to come out of the closet, she gets so upset, you can see the anxiety attack coming on. Hyperventilating and shaking, Paula freaks out, while John just laughs. To make matters worse, Hurricane Rita is on the way forcing the Real Worlders out of their house and into a hotel room hours away from Key West. If they didn’t hate each other before, a few days in a hotel during a hurricane may change their minds.

Teddy Gets a Broken Heart
What goes around, comes around–no one has learned that better than 8th and Ocean’s Teddy. After making the decision to keep Hedi as his main girl, a night out on the town proves otherwise for the future couple. While Hedi is bumping and grinding with any man who walks her way, Teddy stands on the sidelines, watching as his girl leaves the club with another guy. Teddy’s friends are less than impressed with Hedi’s provocative ways and try to convince Teddy that he is too good for her. Still, he feels differently and later in the pool, the two kiss and make up. It should be interesting to see what she has up her sleeve for next week.

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Keep Your Eyes Peeled
ABC’s new show What About Brian has jumped off to a promising start, if you have yet to tune in, I suggest you do so Monday night at 10 p.m.

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