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TV Rewind: ‘The Bachelor’ Finds a Wacko; ‘Lost’ Returns with More Questions; ‘Desperate Housewives’ Twists; Reality TV Gets too Real

Still Lost–and Loving It; Housewives Gets a Twist
Creating more questions without answering existing ones, Lost returned from hiatus with a literal bang. Remember that thing in the jungle terrorizing the castaways? Last season, we saw just a hint of something black and smoky, and last week, we finally got a good look at it. After a series of what seemed like mine explosions, Mr. Eko came face to face with…the anticipation mounts…a cloud of black smoke! I’m not entirely sure what it is or what is means. Come to think about it, I’m not sure what most of the things going on in the show mean. I just know that I’m hooked, counting the minutes until next week’s episode. Meanwhile, a surprising twist of events on Wysteria Lane make Desperate Housewives worth watching again. Bree’s son has gone from questionably gay to coming all the way out of the closet–all in a bid to upset his uptight mother. But Bree’s got other issues brewing and she has turned to the bottle for a wee bit of comfort. OK, so a lot of comfort. Either way, watching perfect Bree fall from grace is incentive enough to watch. If that doesn’t interest you, the Applewhites have some more skeletons just waiting to be let out of their closet.

Oh, the Drama on The Bachelor: Paris!
The latest Bachelor introduces us to the hottest bachelor to date, real-life ER doctor Travis Stork. The show also gives us Allie G, a 33 year-old from Delray Beach, FL., who announces to her would-be suitor that she is more than ready to “reproduce.” That wasn’t even the worst part. After not receiving a rose from the hunky blonde, Allie proceeded to walk over to Travis, demanding to know why she wasn’t good enough to be picked. She then decided to give up on dating all together–and if you ask me, that was the probably the most reasonable thing she said all night.

Guilty Pleasures
Reality TV and music cablers make for a perfect combo. There’s MTV’s consistently entertaining The Gauntlet 2, which pits previous show rookies against veterans. Guaranteed each week: At least one fight, one person crying, and  one person sent packing fron the tropical island of Tobago. Last week’s confrontation between Derrick and Brad proved adding alcohol to an already bad situation makes for great TV…YEA BOYYY! Flavor Flav is back, and since his Strange Love didn’t work out with Brigitte Nielson, he’s looking for a new women. It seems hot tub speed-dating is the perfect place to find her. Flavor of Love is the ghetto bachelor and thank god VH1 wants to air it…Another VH1 celeb-reality show, Celebrity Fit Club 3 has taken intervention to a whole new level. Claiming it was the Benedryl he took, Jeff Conway came to work out with his trainer half asleep and slurring his speech. His fellow plump cast mates insisted something else was going–Jeff had a drug problem. They were right. He’s off the show now and headed to rehab.

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Keep your eyes peeled
American Idol returned for its fifth season of bad singers and great performances, with Simon Cowell distinguishing between the two in his own inevitable style. Plus, arguably the best show on television, Grey’s Anatomy, returned with an all new episode Sunday night on ABC. If you recall, at the end of the last episode, McDreamy told his wife he was still in love with Meredith. Can’t wait to see where that is going.

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