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TV Rewind: The ‘Bachelor’ Makes His Choice; World War III in the Flavor Flav House; and Karma Hits ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

The Bachelor Makes the Right Choice
I am happy to report that I was wrong in choosing Moana as the woman who would be the last one standing at the end of The Bachelor. In a move uncommon for the show, Travis actually chose the right women, Sarah, to go back home with him to Nashville. Not much of a stretch considering she lives within walking distance of him. The two-hour event begins with Travis introducing each girl to his parents, who seem to be more partial to Sarah than Moana right off the bat. Moana has trouble putting into words how she feels about Travis– because “it rocks her to the core.” Anyway, the “emotionally devastated” Moana is shocked when Travis tells her his heart belongs to Sarah, and Moana’s limo ride home makes America worry for her mental health. This fairy tale ending rivals that of Tristan and Ryan–provided Travis and Sarah make it to the alter.

Let the Hair Pulling Begin…
This week on Flavor of Love, things turn real ugly when it comes down to the final three–New York, Pumpkin and Hoops. After a long day of meeting the girls’ mothers, Flav is left with the decision of cutting one. After Hoops rightfully receives the first clock, the race is now between New York and Pumpkin to see who can win Flav’s heart, and neither girl is backing down. When Flav calls out Pumpkin about her previous reality show adventures, she knows her time is up, however, she is not giving up without a fight. When a comment is made by New York, Pumpkin takes the high road. Well, not exactly; she actually spits in New York’s face. As Pumpkin turns to walk out, New York turns into a lion, pouncing on her prey taking Pumpkin down to the ground. Before things get really heated, Flavor Flav stops the madness (unfortunately for us) and gives New York her clock. Tune in next week to find out who wins!

What Goes Around, Comes Around…
Grey’s Anatomy shows us why the fear of bad karma is much more a reality than an ideology. After sleeping with George, Meredith feels terrible and the two can’t even face each other, at home or at work. Once the rest of the staff finds out about their one-night-stand, George is so humiliated that he moves out of Meredith’s house, breaking up this once very happy family. Her karma is essentially losing her friends for a bad judgment choice. Addison Sheppard finally receives her karma for cheating on McDreamy. After walking the dog through the woods before work, Addison arrives at Seattle Grace rather uncomfortable. Turns out she received poison oak around her female parts after deciding to pee in the woods. If that’s not karma for cheating, I’m not sure what is.

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Keep Your Eyes Peeled
Finally! The Real World: Key West begins Tuesday night at 10:00, and this season looks very promising. Like I said last week, if you have yet to get into the WB’s One Tree Hill, this week is the time to start. Wednesday night at 8:00, a school shooting turns Tree Hill upside down. Also, the new Lorne Michaels show, Sons and Daughters starts next Tuesday on ABC and promises to be rather entertaining. And don’t forget: The Sopranos are coming back March 12 at 9:00, and I know I’m not the only one who thinks it’s about time.

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