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16 Facts You Never Knew About ‘Sixteen Candles’

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Sixteen Candles will forever be a staple cult classic for any teenage generation. The story of a forgotten 16th birthday and crushing hard on the most popular guy in school has lent many laughs and feels since it’s release in 1984. No matter how many times you’ve watched and wished for your own Jake Ryan, there are 16 things about the movie you probably didn’t know!

1. Sixteen Candles was written by John Hughes and was also his directorial debut.

2. After receiving a headshot of Molly Ringwald, John wrote the role of Samantha Baker with her in mind.

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3. John was also so impressed by Anthony Michael Hall’s performance in National Lampoon’s Vacation, he created the role of Ted for him.

4. Michael Schoeffling, who played the dreamy Jake Ryan, was cast more for his looks than his ability to act.

5. Speaking of Michael, he was 23 when the movie was shot.

6. Molly and Anthony were only 15.

7. The license plate number 21850 on Jake’s car is John Hughes birthday, Feb. 18, 1950.

8. It was over 100 degrees in the gym when they filmed the school dance scene because there wasn’t enough budget to afford air conditioning.

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9. The dress Samantha wears to the dance was meant for her costar, Liane Curtis, but Molly saw it and asked if she could wear it.

10. It was the second movie siblings Joan and John Cusack costarred in together.

The first movie they were in together was Class in 1983.

11. The cake at the end was made of cardboard.

12. The movie cut for TV includes a deleted scene.

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13. Sixteen Candles didn’t do well at the box office, but video sales and television airings helped boost its success.

14. The 1974 Rolls-Royce belonged to the father of one of John Hughes’ friends.

15. The reverend at the wedding was played by Bill Murray’s older brother, Brian Doyle-Murray.

16. There was almost a sequel…sort of. In 2005, Molly read a script called 32 Candles, which she liked and had interest in starring in.

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