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5 Reasons We Could Watch ‘A Christmas Story’ All Day

4. The Triple Dog Dare
The most deadly of all dares, the triple dog dare can get even the most reasonable kid to take on crazy challenges. Thanks to A Christmas Story we all know it’s a bad idea to lick a frozen pole. Life lessons!

3. “Oh Fudge!”
Except he didn’t say fudge. When Ralphie tries to help his father change a flat tire, he says the mother of all curse words. A Christmas Story takes us back to a simpler time, when dropping the F-bomb seemed like the end of the world.

2. The Bunny Suit
Anyone who has ever gotten an embarrassing Christmas present and had to pretend to like it can relate to Ralphie’s dilemma. Given the most hideous pink bunny suit known to man, Ralphie is forced to don the pajamas, complete with a floppy-eared hood.

1. “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid”
The ultimate lesson we learned from A Christmas Story was that, no matter how much you might want a BB gun, the odds are pretty high you’ll eventually shoot your eye out. The movie is worth watching on a 24 hour loop just for the scene where Ralphie goes to a mall Santa to request his ideal Christmas gift. Instead of holiday cheer, he has his dreams squashed and gets a foot in his face. Ho-ho-ho!

What are some reasons you could watch A Christmas Story all day? What are your favorite moments from the movie? Share in the comments!

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