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Anne Hathaway is bewitching in ‘The Witches’ Trailer

Tis the season to be Spooky.

It’s October and that means Halloween specials and movies galore. While many of the theater releases have been pushed back, the film I’m writing on today is doing a dual release with ‘The Witches‘.

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Based on the Roal Dahl book, this take is done by Robert Zemeckis.

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The film is a story about the past where a man (with the voice of Chris Rock) is telling the story of when he was a young boy. He lived with his Grandmother (Octavia Spencer), and one day they check into a hotel (run by Stanley Tucci) and some women, check-in for a convention. This turns out to be a witches convention, lead by the head witch (Anne Hathaway). They want to transform children into mice, and it’s up to them and the Grandmother to save the day.

While I do enjoy the original film with the puppet mice better then the CGI one, this one might be something special.


‘The Witches’ releases on HBO Max on October 22, with a theatrical release on October 28, 2020.

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