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15 Of Fat Amy’s Funniest Quotes From ‘Pitch Perfect’

Pitch Perfect 2 is almost here! Our favorite Bellas are back and better than ever. Thankfully our girl Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) is still the reigning “Hot Australian” in an a cappella team full of Americans. To celebrate the release of this sequel, we’re looking back at our favorite Fat Amy moments.

1. Her reasoning behind her nickname:

2. This epic burn:

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3. Her thoughts on gingers:

4. Her response to “aca-scuse me?”:

5. The time she said this after she was right:

6. When she invented this new form of exercise:

7. When she named her hairstyle:

8. Her intimidation tactics:

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9. Her reaction to being hit with a burrito:

10. The time she looked on the bright side:

11. The time she proved her strength:

12. This very sweet compliment:

13. When she taught us that mermaid dancing was a real thing:

14. The time she was an inspiration to us all:

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15. Basically anything she ever said to Bumper:

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Why do you love Fat Amy? Share your favorite quote of hers in the comment section below!

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