J.K. Rowling Reveals The American Hogwarts (Yes, Magic Exists Here, Too)

Harry Potter and Howarts is so incredibly British (raise you’re hand if you’ve visited King’s Cross Station just to take a cheesy picture next to platform nine and three fourths!). It’s hard to imagine an American equivalent, but in a world where magic exists, magic exists everywhere — including the U.S.A.

On PottermoreJ.K. Rowling’s all things Harry Potter website, the writer revealed the origins of America’s Hogwarts equivalent, Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  Instantly, all of us residents of the U.S.A. were collectively bummed to discover we wouldn’t be attending the actual Hogwarts if magic was real. Boo.

Ilvermorny has four houses, just like Hogwarts, named after four magical creatures. There’s Horned Serpent (a river serpent with a jewel on its forehead), Pukwudgie (a short, grey-faced creature with big ears), Thunderbird (somewhat of a phoenix but it creates storms when it flies), and Wampus (a magic panther that’s almost impossible to kill). Somehow, we’re guessing that Pukwudgie would be the Hufflepuff equivalent (it seems kind of soft and goofy, after all) and Horned Serpent would be Slitherin. Check out the teaser video above!

J.K. Rowling’s video about Ilvermorny’s origins teases the release of Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, which comes out in November. 

In addition, Rowling released an entire page of information about Ilvermorny, for those of you who want to know every last detail of the Harry Potter world. You can also take a quiz and find out which Ilvermorny house you’d be sorted into.