10 Movies To Watch During Your Time Of The Month

For us ladies, monthly menstruation can be a nuisance both physically and for our emotions as well. For those particularly difficult days when you can’t bring yourself to deal with human beings, it’s always lovely to curl up with the perfect film. These humorous, hunky, sad and amazing films perfectly sum up how you feel during those cramp-riddled emotionally tormented days of your period. Here are 10 movies to watch during your time of the month.

We can't think of a better way to spend your period than with women of a different time. Starring Kate Winslet and Emma Thompson Sense and Sensibility is the film adaptation of Jane Austen's book which follows super headstrong and independent women during a time when they were being repressed. (Ironic isn't it?)
We can't think of a better way to combat that pesky time of the month than an overdose of testosterone. Unlike the first film, Magic Mike XXL, doesn't really have much of a plot. Instead, it's just about a plethora of male strippers shaking their stuff for the camera. We really can't think of anything better to get through fatigue and cramping than a well oiled Joe Manganiello.
If you feel like you're uterus is literally attacking you, you simply need to channel Elle Woods' determination when Warner told her she wasn't smart enough to go to Harvard Law. Legally Blonde is the ultimate period flick, especially when it comes to Elle's iconic bend and snap and her scented resumes.
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A Quentin Tarantino gangster film might seem like an odd choice for a movie to watch during your time of the month, but we think a violent dark comedy is just what the doctor ordered. From the non-linear story to the stories of Vincent, Jules, and Butch, Pulp Fiction is a perfect film.
We can't think of anyone we'd rather hang out with during our time of the month than our British homegirl, Bridget. Though it has two hilarious sequels, Bridget Jones's Diary will forever remain a classic. The hilarious rom-com nails being a 21st-century women on the head. A witty woman who doesn't quite have it all together, Bridget Jones's Diary will have you bellowing "All By Myself" at the top of your lungs.
How about some gore and some Spartans to get you through your time of the month?300 follows the battle between Greece and Persia at the infamous Battle of Thermopylae. With a poignant storyline, kick-ass fight scenes and a ton of abs, this is all you'll need to get through your period.
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We certainly don't sit around waiting to be taking care of, but we would be lying if we said we didn't think about getting the princess treatment like Mia Thermopolis did in The Princess Diaries. In the film, Mia discovers her royal lineage and comically stumbles through her journey to the throne with the help of her stern but loving grandmother. It's the prefect film for those ghastly cramp-riddled days.
Since your hormones are already in shambles, why not just turn it up a notch by indulging in the tearjerker, The Notebook. Following the romance between Allie and Noah, two love birds from very different walks of life, the duo discovers that love might win but the journey certainly won't be easy. You're definitely going to need some klenexx for this one.

Easy A is a hilarious comedy of errors, which is basically how we feel about that time of the month. When clean teen and smartypants Olive (Emma Stone) tells a tiny lie about losing her virginity and it spreads across the school, she has to deal with being popular for the wrong reasons. Definitely a film to watch while on your period.

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What happens when you're a rich, popular and stunning valley girl whose love life implodes? Cher definitely discovers what that's all about in Clueless. For the one-liners and the closest envy alone, this is definitely a film to watch with your heating pad.