Proof That Alfred Hitchcock Was The King of Cameos & The Master of Suspense

Legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock helped shaped psychological thrillers in film. Putting his own unique stamp on suspense and thriller films, Hitchcock’s use of shots and editing along with jaw-dropping twists and turns made him The Master of Suspense. Still, one of the most fun parts about watching Hitchcock’s films is trying spot him in them. The masterful director appeared in 39 of his 52 films, though only for the briefest of moments. In fact, his appearances became so exciting for audiences, that he began to appear earlier in the story as to not distract from the actual film plot. From The Lady Vanishes to North By Northwest here are some of Hitchock’s most memorable cameos.

The Lady Vanishes

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Hitchcock is the guy strolling though the train station with the cigarette in his mouth. He even makes a rather obvious shrugging gesture while walking off camera.


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Hitchcock can be spotted wearing the bowler hat strolling behind George Sanders and the Police Officer.

Foreign Correspondent

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Mr. Hitchcock can be spotted front and center reading his newspaper as Joel McCrea looks over his shoulder.

Shadow of a Doubt

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Though he never actually turns toward the camera, Alfred Hitchcock is seen in Shadow of a Doubt playing cards with this older couple.


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Hitchcock is seen in Notorious sipping a cocktail just as Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman make their grand entrance.

Strangers on a Train

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As Farley Granger gets off the train, Hitchcock boards with a huge instrument in tow.

Dial M For Murder

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One of Hitchcock’s most clever cameos was in Dial M For Murder Instead of actually appearing onscreen, a photograph of a class reunion is shown with him in it.

To Catch A Thief

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In To Catch a Thief, Alfred Hitchcock is seated right next to Cary Grant on the bus.

North by Northwest

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Another one of Hitchcock’s most fun cameos was in North By Northwest. As the film opens, he misses a bus just as his directorial credit passes off the screen.


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Just as Janet Leigh enters the office, Alfred Hitchcock can be seen standing on the street wearing a cowboy hat.  Also, just a bit of trivia, Janet Leigh is Jamie Lee Curtis‘ mother.

The Birds

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Alfred Hitchcock can be seen existing a pet shop with his actual dogs Geoffrey and Stanley, just as Tippi Hedren enters the store.

Torn Curtain

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One of Hitchcock’s last cameos is one of the best. In Torn Curtain he sits in the lobby of the Hotel d’Angleterre with a cute chubby baby on his knee.

Check out every single one of Alfred Hitchock’s appearances in his films in the video below.