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12 Signs Your Life Is Like A Tim Burton Movie

Tim Burton is known for his dark style. Each of his movies has a theme that includes death and sadness, but many people love them because those elements make his films beautiful. You might be one of those people whose love for Burton goes to extreme levels, but is your life like his films? It’s time to find out by checking off these 12 signs.


1. You feel like people are usually “concern trolling” you. Back away trolls!

2. You live in the suburbs, but you have made sure your house (or at least your room) is the “different” one on the block.

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3. Your group of friends are rather unusual, but of course lovable.

4. You drive your parents crazy and they keep reminding you of it.

5. People have asked you why can’t you just be “normal” and all you want to say is:

6. Christmas decorations at your house involves skulls and other Halloween things. It’s just not a proper Christmas without them.

7. When Halloween comes around your creepiness cannot be stopped!

8. No one believes you, but you have witnessed some paranormal activity.

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9. Your lover is just as dark and unusual as you. It’s perfect!

10. You have gone through a scary experience and wondered if you were in the after life.

11. Even your pet might fall under the “unusual” category.

12. You surround yourself with a certain type of literature.

How is your life like a Tim Burton film? Let us know by tweeting the Twitter handles below!

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