Watch Emma Watson As Belle In This New ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Sneak Peak

We are exploding with excitement. We knew Emma Watson would basically be the perfect Belle, but this new sneak peak for the live action Beauty and the Beast confirms it. Our little Hermione Granger is a real life princess and we couldn’t be prouder.

Disney has been teasing us with very little information about what the real life version of Beauty and the Beast is going to look like. We recently got a little glimpse at an oh-so-creepy Lumiere and Cogsworth. Who seriously thought there was anyway a real life talking candelabra and clock could not look strange?


We also got a glimpse of Dan Stevens as the Beast. Did we mention how we’re totally enamored by Dan Stevens? We can’t wait to see him all dressed up.

the beast

Beauty and the Beast doesn’t come out until March, but you can check out the trailer below.

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