We Bet You Didn’t Know These 9 Disney Characters Were Voiced By The Same Guy!

You might not know Jim Cummings‘ name, but we’re certain that if you’re a Disney fan, or a lover of cartoons in general, that you’ve heard his voice. Before launching his voice acting and singing career back in 1983, Cummings was a video-store manager. However, since his breakout role as Winnie the Pooh in Winnie the Pooh and a Day for Eeyore, Cummings has voiced nearly 400 roles. From various voices in The Land Before Time to the Captain of Guards in Shrek, Cummings talent is boundless. Obviously we can’t list every single one of Cummings credits, but here are 9 Disney characters we bet you didn’t know he voiced.

1. Razoul in Aladdin

Do you remember the largest and most obnoxious guard named Razoul in Aladdin? That was Cummings. He went on to reprise the role in The Return of Jafar, and also voiced the Apple Merchant in the original film.

2. Pete in A Goofy Movie


Cummings voiced PJ’s dad Pete who tried to give Goofy advice on how to deal with Max in A Goofy Movie. Let’s just say his advice was lackluster.

3. Ed in The Lion King

Remember Ed, the hyena from The Lion King who needed all of the ritalin available? Cummings was behind that iconic cackle as well.

4. Scar’s singing voice in The Lion King

Ed wasn’t the only character Cummings voiced in The Lion King. Though the legendary Jeremy Irons voiced Scar, Cummings did all of the singing. For The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride, Cummings was Scar for the entire film. We guess the first film really helped him get prepared.

5. Tigger in Winnie the Pooh: Seasons of Giving


Though Cummings had already been voicing Winnie the Pooh since the ’80s, in 1999 he began voicing Tigger as well, starting with one of Pooh’s Thanksgiving specials.

6. Ray in The Princess and the Frog

“My name Raymond, but everybody call me Ray.” This might be our favorite Cummings character ever! Who doesn’t love Ray and his beloved Evangeline?

7. Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland


Jim Cummings was born a year after Disney debuted Alice in Wonderland, so obviously he isn’t the voice of the original Cheshire Cat. However, when Disney unlocked the vault and released Alice on DVD in 2010, Cummings took over the late Sterling Holloway‘s duties. He even voiced an entire new song entitled “I’m Odd” on the DVD extras.

8. Rasputin’s singing voice in Anastasia

While Christopher Lloyd voiced the villainous Rasputin, Cummings’ iconic vocals were used for Rasputin’s “In the Dark of the Night”. (We realize that the film was originally released by 20th Century Fox, but Disney acquired the rights in 2015 so it’s Disney now!)

9. The Birthday Singers in The Emperor’s New Groove

This is literally all we want to hear on our birthday. We can’t understand why Emperor Kuzcoo wasn’t pleased.

Jim Cummings isn’t slowing down anytime soon, he recently voiced various characters in Minions and Inside Out. You will hear him again in the upcoming The Secret Life of Pets.

Check out some of the best of Jim Cummings below: