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Exclusive: Bonkers ‘Wild Things’ Sequel Based on Amanda Knox Story in the Works

Credit: Columbia Pictures

John McNaughton, the man who directed 1998 schlock noir masterpiece Wild Things, hasn’t had a feature film come out since 2001, but it looks like he’s going to make a return to the cinema (and I use the term loosely) with a spectacle that might even top the Neve Campbell/Denise Richards soaking wet pool makeout moment from the original.

McNaughton tells Hollywood.com that he and screenwriter Stephen Peters, who wrote the original as well as direct-to-DVD sequels Wild Things 2 and Wild Things: Diamonds in the Rough, are working on another Wild Things movie.

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“It’s not one of the sequels, but about their children,” he says. OK, that sounds odd, but just wait. It gets real crazy. “Do you know the Amanda Knox case? It’s something like that. Something that’s like the child of Suzie Toller [Campbell’s character], she claimed that Matt Dillon‘s [character] had raped her a long time ago and maybe there is a child and maybe Bill Murray‘s character had a child and they’re exchange students and things get out of hand. We’re calling it Wild Child Things.”

OK, this movie needs to get made right away! It sounds so unbelievably outrageous that it has to be awesome. For those of you know don’t know, Amanda Knox was an American college student studying in Italy who went to prison for murdering her roommate. She was later acquitted. There was S&M involved. 

Wild Child Things doesn’t have a studio or distributor or a cast (but, let’s face it, Neve Campbell is super available as is Denise Richards), and is just starting to take shape. “Just about 3 weeks ago, Steven Peters’ manager, sent me an email saying he had this idea and he sent me a one page outline and I think it’s pretty fun. We’re trying to see if there’s any interest.” Well, John, consider this your first bit of interest. 

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