Could ‘Indiana Jones’ Survive Without Harrison Ford?

Director George Lucas doesn’t think so.

After the release of the highly anticipated fourth Indiana Jones installment, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, many are saying the fedora-wearing baton should be passed to the 22 year-old up-and-comer Shia LaBeouf, who played Indy’s long-lost son Mutt Williams.

“He is Indiana Jones,” Lucas told AP Television of Harrison Ford. “If Indiana Jones wasn’t in it, you’d have to call it ‘Mutt Williams and the search for Elvis.’ … “Yeah, it’s ‘Mutt Williams and the Search for Elvis.'”

I might have to agree. Let’s face it, Mutt Williams certainly isn’t the kind of character name to rival Indiana Jones.

“The franchise really depends on me coming up with a good idea,” Lucas continued. “And that series is very research-intensive. So we’re doing research now to see if we can’t come up with another object for him to chase…hopefully we’ll come up with something.” Think about the lost city of Atlantis, George!

Now, one wonders if Lucas’ dismissal of LaBeouf as the next adventurer has anything to do the young actor’s recent brush with the law and its subsequent surgical aftermath. For more about poor Shia’s recent appendage woes, according to, click here.