MGM Cancels ‘Bond 23’

Daniel CraigEven more bad news for Bond fans as the financially drained MGM has officially canceled Bond 23 until it can find a buyer/savior. Though we’ve all known about the delays on the film that follows the phenomenal reboot of Hollywood’s longest running film franchise, today marks the lowest point in 007’s storied history.

AICN broke the story today and it’s a sad, sad development to an already dismal scenario. After nabbing Oscar winner Sam Mendes to direct Daniel Craig in his third outing as Britain’s suave secret agent and Peter Morgan to write the script for it, MGM’s publicized bankruptcy brought the production to a screeching halt. The project was classified as “delayed” since then, but is now to be considered scrapped.  

True: this is a major blow to fans like myself and all the hard working hands that make Bond the globe-trotting, girl-getting, villain-thwarting hero we love, but we shouldn’t go to Defcon-5 just yet. MGM will be purchased by a movie studio, hedge-fund, billionaire or Santa Claus at some point, or the property will be sold to a party that is willing and able to continue the adventures of MI:6’s most valuable player. This is not the end of James Bond. However, as we wait for one of the fore mentioned actions to occur, we suffer a long, unknown period of time without 007. On a positive note, Daniel Craig finally gets to eat some carbs. 

Source: AICN