Spotlight: Jason Sudeikis

jason sudeikisI’m not going to say Jason Sudeikis is about to blow up. After years on SNL and appearances in many movies (not to mention months of a relationship with a bombshell girlfriend), the dude is finally getting his dues. So no, Jason Sudeikis is not on the cusp of greater things. He’s been there, done that; the only difference is that people are starting to pay attention. And it’s about damn time.

Sudeikis cut his teeth in the improv world during the early 90’s, performing in his homestate of Kansas, studying in Chicago and eventually helping found the Second City Las Vegas theater. Another cool random fact? He auditioned to be a Blue Man in the Blue Man Group. Just imagine how different life would be had he gotten that gig. Weird, right?

Anyway, you probably know him best for his work on SNL. Lately Sudeikis has become one of the standouts on the long running sketch show in their post-Will Ferrell years, constantly getting laughs even in the weirdest sketches. He joined the program as a writer in 2003 before becoming a performer in 2005. Along with Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg and Bill Hader, he’s risen to become one of the funniest members of the cast and arguably the most handsome. While SNL has struggled to come up with a good joke on Obama, Sudeikis has got our lovable VP Joe Biden down pat. Then he goes and absolutely destroys a Wolf Blitzer impression that’s more realistic than those weird holograph machine things. And he also manages to deliver a damn good crying Glenn Beck. Combine those impressions with a shit-eating grin and the ability to just melt into any scene and it’s really easy to see why he’s a constant on the inconsistent show.

But SNL will only get you so famous. Movies are where the big bucks are. Actually, let’s hold off on his film career for just a second more. Sudeikis has managed to wring up steady work by appearing in pretty much every great television show currently airing. He’ll also probably be the first person to travel back in time and insert himself in to every great television show ever, but that’s only a guess. He was Liz Lemon’s perfect boyfriend on 30 Rock that had to unfortunately move to Cleveland. He was the gang’s former best friend Shmitty in It’s Always Sunny and has appeared in Children’s Hospital, Portlandia, and The Cleveland Show. Not too shabby a resume.

Ah, here’s where we get to the films! Did you see The Rocker? Of course not. No one did. Well, I saw The Rocker and it’s rather unfortunate that no one else saw it because it’s really not that bad of a movie. Sudeikis plays the evil music corporation guy that every movie like that has and he absolutely kills it. My favorite line in the film he borrowed from fellow SNL cast mate Kenan Thompson: “You’re going to get so much pussy you’ll need two dicks.” It immediately cuts away from the scene for probably two reasons: a) he probably improvised the line and b) his scene partner probably cracked up and ruined the shot. He’s that good.

jason sudeikisRemember Hall Pass? Of course not. Sudeikis ran the laughs around supposed funny man Owen Wilson and is really the only reason to watch that movie. Well, him and Stephen Merchant. I mean, even Jenna Fisher looks bad in it! Wow, it’s really starting to seem like Sudeikis is the best part of crappy films and, unfortunately, that’s pretty much true. For example: The Bounty Hunter, What Happens in Vegas and Going the Distance. Seriously, he’s the only reason to watch those films.

But luckily that is starting to change and Sudeikis is getting better roles. In two of the most anticipated comedies of 2011, he’ll star in A Good Old Fashioned Orgy and Horrible Bosses. Again, he’s the not absolute star since Hollywood hasn’t deemed him big enough to carry an entire film on his own, but he still manages to stand out in a crowded field. But while he might not be big enough to top line a blockbuster, he was deemed big enough to host the MTV Movie Awards this weekend and that’s always a good sign.

So no, Jason Sudeikis is not blowing up. Blowing up implies a sudden burst after an explosive catalyst. Sudeikis has been getting bigger and bigger but people are finally starting to notice. And as his many, many funny appearances on TV and film have proven, that handsome bastard deserves it.