The Beginning of Tom Cruise’s ‘Oblivion’ Looks Like the End of ‘Planet of the Apes’ — POSTER

In the spring of 1968, the world cried out with a new maxim — a timely chant inspired by the cinematic phenomenon that was the season’s release of Planet of the Apes: “It was Earth all along!” Yes, the shocking reveal at the end of Charlton Heston’s sci-fi adventure would become a benchmark in the timeline of cinematic twists. Now that the “Holy crap, this alien land is actually the human race’s world?” shtick that marks the centerpiece of M. Night Shyamalan’s religion has been long established and time again revisited, it can be explored. Such is what the upcoming Tom Cruise film, Oblivion, looks to do.

The new poster for the movie, which releases in 2013, plants Cruise in a long distant New York City, facing a marginally preserved Empire State Building as it and whatever its neighboring edifice is called (does anybody know?) form a post-apocalyptic waterfall. Presumably, Cruise plays an otherworldly traveler, perhaps with Earthly roots, who is sent to our home world to rid it of hostile aliens.

And no, you’re not going crazy: there is another upcoming movie wherein Tom Cruise fights a bunch of hostile aliens on a post-apocalyptic planet Earth.


[Photo Credit: Universal Pictures]


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