The Top 10 Movie Quotes Of 2010

If you’re anything like us, you quote movie dialogue to your friends around the clock. Our historical favorites include lines from The Big Lebowski, Grosse Pointe Blank and misquoting Sunset Blvd. and Casablanca. Thankfully, 2010 had a few quotable moments that deserve some recognition. Here’s the top ten utterances you can break out at a party, video included where available.

“So Fluffy!”

From: Despicable Me

Explanation: The cutest moment of the year, from the cutest character of the year, little Agnes. This scene occurs once Gru turns the corner and wins the little girls a unicorn from the fair.

“If you guys were the inventors of Facebook, you’d have invented Facebook.”

From: The Social Network

Explanation: This chestnut was but one example of the tremendous dialogue Aaron Sorkin brought to the table. It also hammered home what Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg was all about: brutal logic.

“I bought the airline. It seemed neater.”

From: Inception

Explanation: You can watch the scene here, it’s where we finally figured out what Saito brought to the table. A “can do” spirit!

The Lion vs. Tuna Rant

From: The Other Guys

Explanation: This feels like an ad lib improv that went waaaaaaay too long. Still, both Wahlberg and Ferrell stick with the bit, the result is comedy gold.

“I’m putting this whole town in my reahview.”

From: The Town

Explanation: The accents in The Town were completely over the top. They were also eminently quotable, and anytime you need to a leave a gathering I suggest a boisterous version of this Ben Affleck declaration (quote is at 1:25 on the trailer).

“Where are you? Im’ma kill you. :)”

From: Get Him to The Greek

Explanation: The funniest moment in a very funny film comes in the form of a text message. Luckily, P. Diddy gives us a voice over version too.


From: 127 Hours

Explanation: James Franco’s (as Aron Ralston) moment of realization comes when he realizes it will be days before people start looking for him. It’s the ultimate understatement for the ultimate predicament.

“I partake not in the meat, nor the breast milk, nor the ovum, of any creature with a face.”

From: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Explanation: This Edgar Wright film is loaded with great dialogue. But “hardcore Vegan” angle awesomeness can’t be denied, because I’ve had people say this sort of thing to me when explaining their dietary choices. Thankfully, we didn’t fight afterward.

“If these men wanted a decent burial they should have got themselves killed in summer.”

From: True Grit

Explanation: Jeff Bridges brought the ornery with his take on Rooster Cogburn. It’s with this quote that he breaks down for his teen employer why exactly they won’t be honoring any last requests. Classy, very classy.

“Not you, not you, and not you!”

From: The Fighter

Explanation: The second great Boston quote is more understated, but it contains just enough of the “Say hello to your mother for me” Wahlberg vibe to be hilarious. I should also note that one “not you” would have stood for the whole group. Why point out everyone who won’t be in the ring? I’ll tell you why. Because it wouldn’t be as fun to say (quote is at 2:00 on the trailer).

How say you? Any quotes I missed? Lay ‘em on me, don’t be shy.

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