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The Five Best Trailers of 2010

Dec 28, 2010 | 6:42am EST

Trailers these days: They’re as important as ever to a movie’s prerelease buzz. Simply unveiling a teaser trailer on the Internet can cause a stir and serve as a priceless marketing tool for studios -- all of which ultimately translates to a genuinely entertaining advertisement medium for us moviegoers. While 2010 didn’t quite boast a trailer masterpiece for the ages (a.k.a. There Will Be Blood’s trailer), there were plenty of amazing coming attractions. Here are our five favorites.


The perfect trailer. Before almost everyone in the universe lined up to see Inception, we were all no less than spellbound by its trailer -- even as it hijacked almost every single commercial break in the run-up to the movie’s release. Even if the intriguing but vague premise was all we saw, our interest would’ve been piqued (of course, the involvement of Leonardo DiCaprio and Christopher Nolan didn’t hurt), but … good God, those teased special effects. If there was such a thing as a water-cooler trailer in 2010, Inception’s was it.

Blue Valentine

Two years ago, Revolutionary Road unveiled a similarly gut-wrenching/enthralling trailer about the total destruction of a youngish couple’s relationship -- but its modern-day A-list tandem of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet made the 1950s setting tough to fully buy into. No such distracting periphery to be found in Blue Valentine’s trailer, thus allowing the perpetually great, if perpetually under-the-radar, Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams to take us on an emotional roller coaster in under 120 seconds -- through song and dance, no less.

The Social Network

David Fincher’s The Social Network was long referred to as “The Facebook Movie,” with more than a hint of derision. After the trailer debuted, however, and we saw that this once seemingly unnecessary quasi-biopic sorta thing was to be a superbly acted, multifaceted, vital movie, all (OK, most) derision turned into excitement. Couple that with the haunting, ear-catching rendition of “Creep” lullabying away in the background, and you’ve got one of the best trailers of the year -- independent of the nearly flawless reviews that were soon to trickle out.

Black Swan

Ballet movie? For female eyes only? Black Swan dispelled any and all preconceived labels with one viewing of its breathtaking trailer. Even if it initially seemed as though the movie might be a more straightaway art-of-the-dance tale, Clint Mansell’s characteristically dark score sets in, foreshadowing the horror-leaning about-face that is soon to come.


Sofia Coppola’s latest offering has failed to garner the buzz of her previous movies (well, really just Lost in Translation), but that’s a result of the somewhat lukewarm reviews, not the trailer. Based on the trailer alone, Somewhere looks lush, fascinating, heartbreaking and visually stunning -- all of the Sofia Coppola hallmarks and all despite Stephen Dorff being the lead actor.

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