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Bob Ross Takes Over Google… And Our Nostalgic Hearts


Today’s Google doodle honors the 70th birthday of the late Robert Norman “Bob” Ross, an American painter, art instructor, and television host best known as the creator and host of The Joy of Painting, a television program that ran for more than a decade on PBS. If you grew up watching Ross paint his happy little trees and beautiful landscapes, seeing his iconic afro when opening Google today probably brought a smile to your face (like it did to mine). In honor of the late artist’s birthday, we rounded up all the best pop culture moments of Ross we could find. Enjoy!

“Happy Little Clouds”

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This remix of The Joy of Painting by Symphony of Science’s John D. Boswell for PBS Digital Studios is the second in a series of PBS icons remixed. Probably the world’s most inspirational remix, ever. 

Family Guy

This reference to Ross on Family Guy is decidedly less optimistic than PBS’ remix, and more up the raunchy comedy’s alley.

Baby Squirrels

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Remember that time Ross fed a baby squirrel, Peapod, with a teeny tiny bottle?

Powerpuff Girls

The Powerpuff Girls liked to make pop culture references that kids watching probably didn’t understand since they were too young. One reference we did get at the time? Painting our happy little landscapes! Check out the reference at the 2:30 mark:

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