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Kim Kardashian Thinks Her Robbers Were Amateurs, Didn’t Even Look Like Real Cops


Kim Kardashian’s robbers might have not been as skilled as cops originally thought. Apparently, the reality-TV star believes they were amateurs and it showed from start to finish.

According TMZ, Kim told cops that robbers were hesitant and didn’t seem like they knew what they were doing. They whisked her in and out of the bathtub like they didn’t know where to put her. They pointed a gun at her head, walked away, then pointed the gun at her head again for no reason. Kim also believed that they were arguing with each other on how to pull off the heist. Of course, the robbers were speaking French, so she couldn’t be sure.

The biggest giveaway in robber’s level of experience was the police uniforms. Apparently, the uniforms didn’t even look close to real. In fact, they looked like they came from a Halloween store. 

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In addition, the robbers used a regular backpack to carry out the jewels and were extremely careless with the whole thing. A necklace worth $33K ended up falling out of the backpack onto the street. They left behind tons of evidence including zip ties and duct tape, and their getaway car was actually a pair of bicycles. You can’t make this up.

With this level of carelessness, these amateur robbers may have gotten away with it for now, but it won’t be long until they’re found.

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