The 9 Worst Celebrity Halloween Costumes Of 2016

Just because you’re a celebrity doesn’t mean you’re immune to accidentally donning an offensive, grotesque or just plain played-out Halloween costume. We combed through Instagram to find the worst of the worst. Some of these celebs owe someone a major apology, and the rest — they just shouldn’t have even bothered.

Here are the 9 worst celebrity Halloween costumes of 2016.

1. Ashley Tisdale As A Sugar Skull

ashley tisdale

Oh Ashley, we love you but come on. You know better! The High School Musical star defended her questionable choice for a costume saying that it’s a-okay because her husband is half Mexican. Unfortunately, Ashley, you’re not. You do look pretty though, and that top is fierce!

2. Tara Reid As A Sexy Santa

tara reid

There’s nothing totally wrong about this costume, it’s just not doing Tara Reid any favors. Isn’t a sexy Santa a bit overdone?

3. Paris Hilton As Little Red Riding Hood And Alice In Wonderland

paris hilton

Somehow, Paris Hilton managed to make two completely different characters look like they popped out of the same boring, adult costume store. We do appreciate her little wicked wolf though!

4. Molly Sims As A Fortune Teller

molly sims

Actress Molly Sims dressed as a Gypsy fortune teller for Halloween. She looks cute, but we can’t help but feel like this is a little bit offensive to Romani culture. Sorry, Molly! Your crystal ball should have probably told you to be something else.

5. Alessandra Ambrosio and Jamie Mazur as Jessica Rabbit And A Rabbit

jamie mazur

Alessandra Ambrosio looks amazing in her Jessica Rabbit costume. Unfortunately, her fiance Jamie Mazur looks like he was reluctantly dragged to the party. Throwing a pair of ears on and calling it a costume makes you look like a spoil sport, dude!

6. Hilary Duff As A Pilgrim

hilary duff

Hilary Duff and her handsome personal trainer Jason Walsh decided to dress up as a pilgrim and Indian for Halloween. While Duff’s costume wasn’t terrible, it was Walsh’s costume that threw the whole thing for a loop. A pilgrim isn’t really offensive on its own, unless you pair it with a culturally insensitve Native American costume. There’s nothing cheeky about genocide.

7. Eva Marcille As A Native American Chief

eva marcille

Another Native American costume, another fail. Wearing a sacred headdress for fun is just wrong.

8. Emma Roberts As Evan Peters In American Horror Story: Murder House

emma roberts

Emma Roberts‘ nod to her on-and-off-again fiance Evan Peters might seem cute on the surface, until you remember that their relatioship is riddled with rumors of domestic abuse and visits from the police. It seems kind of like a bad call now, doesn’t it? 

9. Colton Haynes As Miss Piggy

colton haynes

We’re not sure if this costume is awesome or awful. It’s unsettling to look at — we think maybe in a bad way? It generally just freaks us out.

Which costume do you think is the worst? Tell us in the comments!

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