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Watch Donald Trump Dance For Tacos On National Taco Day

It’s National Taco Day, which is not a holiday we take very lightly. We know Donald Trump probably doesn’t take it lightly either — after all, he is a fan of taco bowls. But would he dance for them?

Words can’t really describe what the heck we’re watching in the video above, but it’s got a few things we love (tacos, tacos and tacos) and a few things we hate (Donald Trump). One thing’s for sure — it gets us amped to have some tacos later.

While we’re celebrating all the cheesy gordita-goodness and drowning ourselves in so much guac it’s hard to breathe, it’s important to remember the perfectly good tortillas who gave their lives so we could celebrate this outstanding holiday. And also the fact that our country’s immigration policy made it possible to have such a delicious treat. Thank you cheese. Thank you tortillas. Thank you beans, guac and sour cream. Thank you to Mexico for being attached to America and gifting us with your delicious cuisine. No thank you Donald Trump. You keep your wall, and we’ll keep our tacos.

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