You Won’t Believe Who Taylor Swift Wants To Date!


If you’ve been paying attention, then you know Taylor Swift had a pretty rough summer. It all started when Kim Kardashian exposed her for lying about approving lyrics on Kanye West‘s song “Famous” and ended with the demise of her confusing and whirlwind romance to hunky Brit Tom Hiddleston. Since then, TSwift has kept a low profile. This past weekend she finally returned to the stage to perform in Austin, Texas to a massive crowd of 80,000 fans.  But it looks like a triumphant comeback isn’t the only thing the country-pop singer has got her sights set on these days.

A day after her concert, Swift was back in Los Angeles to attend our beloved Drake‘s 30th birthday page. Nothing about that seems out of the norm to us, but the fact that Swift’s arch nemesis Katy Perry and her ex- John Mayer were in attendance and she still went raised more than a few eyebrows. A source told Page Six, “Taylor came through the front door with Karlie Kloss and the Haim sisters while [Katy] entered through the back with a gang of friends, who were inappropriately dressed for the formal affair.” (LOL!!! THE SHADE)


The source also noted that Swift did not speak to either Mayer or Perry. But that’s not the real tea. The source went on to say that Swift and Drake were ” were intimately flirting, talking closely, and laughing.” Apparently, the only person Drake spent more time with all evening besides Swift was his mama.


Who knows if these rumors are true or if this source can be trusted, only time will tell.

What do you guys think? Do you ship Taylor Swift and Drake? Personally, I’m still wishing for Drake and Rihanna to give it another go!