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‘Heroes’ Season 2: Ep. 7 “Out of Time”

Hiro is captive in White Beard’s camp, doped up on opium. A heartbroken Kensei is still pretty peeved and explains he has negotiated for half of Japan once White Beard takes over. Oh, and Kensei also wants Yaeko as his princess, even though she clearly loves Hiro. No matter, Kensei will change history anyway, but first he’s going to send someone in to kill Hiro. Even though he’s flying high, Hiro accesses his powers and gets Yaeko, her father and himself out of there.

A little later, once Hiro’s head has cleared, he tells Yaeko he can’t run. If someone doesn’t destroy all the guns, White Beard will win. He’s the only one who can do it, but in the ammunition tent, Kensei is there. Hiro tells his hero he still has faith in him, but Kensei won’t hear it, and they clash swords, knocking over a lamp and starting a fire. Just as the tent is about to explode with all the gun powder, Kensei curses Hiro, vowing that he will suffer. BOOM! Hiro narrowly escapes before it all explodes.

Shifting through the debris, Hiro finds Kensei’s helmet, which deeply saddens him. Yaeko tells him he is the real Kensei and that he should stay with her. But Hiro knows he must go back (thank god!) and she vows to tell the story of Takeo Kensei. They share one final kiss and he’s off. Back in present-day Japan, Ando comes to his desk and finds a samurai helmet. He turns around, and Hiro is there with a big smile on his face. Ando is ecstatic, informing Hiro that they did indeed saved the world from a bomb. But when Hiro asks about his father, Ando drops his own bomb–his father is dead.

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Meanwhile, Bennet is taking pictures of Isaac’s paintings. One is of Kensei and Hiro fighting (saw that), another of Bennet’s death (pending). And there’s also one of Mohinder, with a bandage on his nose, holding a gun. Hmmm. Bennet then burns the paintings, while calling Mohinder to check up on him. Bennet asks if he has been issued a Company gun yet. No, but they’ve given Mohinder a partner, Nikki, because they don’t trust him. Bennet doesn’t care about any of that; he just wants to make sure his family is safe. Suddenly, Mohinder is feeling a little expendable in Bennet’s eyes. Then in pops Nikki, Mohinder’s guard dog. Seems they are evacuating the Company headquarters because Parkman’s dad, Maury, is coming for Bob–or so says Matt and Nathan, who explain what exactly Maury, aka the Nightmare Man, can do.

Bob doesn’t seem too concerned, though. All they need to do is inject Maury with the new mutated virus to stop his abilities. Matt is the only one who can do this because he has, in essence, the same powers as his dad. Matt doesn’t believe it and goes to see the comatose Molly to confess why he can’t kill his father, even though the man deserted him. He doesn’t think he has the power to do what his father can. He’s wrong. As he tries to get Molly to hear him, to tell her he loves her, he succeeds by noticing a change in her brain waves on the nearby monitor.

Mohinder and Nikki are in the lab and Mohinder confesses he doesn’t trust Bob, who is “morally grey at best.” But Nikki believes differently. She has faith in the Company because they have cured her so she can be with Micah. Then suddenly she sees the very deceased D.L. standing in front of her, who tells she is far from cured, that she’s still a killer. She starts to say something, but he says it’ll make her look even crazier than before if she starts talking to herself. She runs the other way, with Mohinder following her, just as Maury comes out of a supply closet. He’s the one messing with Nikki. Mohinder sees her talking to someone not there and realizing it’s Maury’s work, he tries to wake Nikki up. But she nearly throws him through the wall.

In another area, Bob and Nathan are talking. Apparently, “Adam,” the same guy who wrote Peter the note about saving the world, is actually the one killing all the old fogies. Adam was the one who convinced them (Bob, Lindeman, Nakamura, the Petrellis, Maury) that they could make a better world. Adam was the visionary. But then thought he was God, talking about Holocausts, plagues, ways to wipe out humanity to save the world and now he’s after the original group, using Maury as a pawn. Bob also lets Nathan know Peter is a big part of the scheme–and is very much alive. He was in Cork, Ireland when they lost him. Before Nathan can process this information, Nikki/Jessica is suddenly smashing through walls, holding a syringe full of the virus to attack Bob and Nathan, in her own personal nightmare. But Nikki comes to her senses and stabs herself to get Maury out of her head.

At Molly’s bedside, Matt has heard the commotion and walks out into the hall–except he walks right into the apartment he grew up in as a kid. Molly is there, too. She says Maury trapped her there when she went looking for him and now Matt is trapped, too. Not if Matt can help it. He screams for his dad, accessing more of the power and summoning him. Suddenly, Maury is standing there with them. Matt isn’t afraid of his dad anymore; he doesn’t have any more feelings for the man at all. “You left and all you have now are your nightmares.” Matt sticks Maury in his own nightmare.

Later, Mohinder discovers his blood is no longer a cure. This is a new virus, the Shanti virus, and Nikki could now be dying. He goes to see Bob, who has just discovered the whereabouts of Bennet and Claire. Bob explains Claire might be the key to cure the virus with her regenerative powers. Mohinder then confesses to be working with Bennet to take down the Company but is now not sure who is right and who is wrong.

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Back in California, West startles Claire by showing up at her house in the morning to make waffles with her mother. What if her dad were there, and West found out his nemesis, the man with the horn-rimmed glasses, is Claire’s father. But Bennet isn’t there–not yet, anyway. West shows Claire that their little stunt with the head cheerleader has made the papers. Claire isn’t to happy about that, either, since now she’s exposed (Yes, indeed. That’s how Bob knows where she is). West soothes her, and Claire wants to tell him about her dad, but she can’t. As they head out onto the porch to eat some popsicles, Bennet walks in. He doesn’t see Claire and West, but West sees him and freaks out, trying to drag Claire away. When she tells him it’s her father, he thinks it’s a trap and takes off into the air. Bennet comes out onto the porch, just as Claire looks up. She covers quickly and hands Bennet the popsicle. Later, Mrs. B tells Bennet about West, Claire’s new boyfriend. Now, he knows and confronts Claire. He says she has jeopardized everything and now they are going to have to leave, immediately. But Claire balks; she isn’t going.

Meanwhile, Peter and Kaitlin are still in future New York–and no one is there. The streets are deserted. Suddenly, they are surrounded by men in yellow contamination suits, who demand to know if they have any symptoms. They are thrown into separate cars. Later, Peter is being violently hosed down, as if he is radioactive. Once he passes inspection, a guy walks in, telling Peter he is supposedly dead. The guy has the death certificate in his hands. How can Peter be sitting there? Peter has no idea and asks about Kaitlin, who will apparently be shipped off because she’s Irish, a foreigner. Peter wants to know what the hell is going on! So, he gets the scoop: the Shanti virus has become an epidemic, killing most everyone, including his brother Nathan. Well, that’s handy. Angela Petrelli shows up a little later to try to help Peter remember, but he doesn’t know who she is. She tells him how powerful he is–and how kind. He is their only hope. Suddenly, images come flooding into Peter’s head. “Mom?” They hug.

As Peter and Angela are walking out, Peter sees Kaitlin behind a fence. They rush to each other, but she’s dragged away. He screams for her and then suddenly, he is transported back to the present, in the building in Montreal where he first time-jumped. Kaitlin is not there, but someone else is: He introduces himself as Adam, but we know him as the former Takeo Kensei. The weird part is, he hasn’t aged a bit.

OK, finally, things are picking up.

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