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Saturday: ‘Bernard and Doris’

[IMG:L]Bernard and Doris — 8/7c on HBO

Oh, the filthy, filthy rich–how endlessly entertaining they are.

Especially those heiresses! Is there something in their Perrier?

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Before we had Paris Hilton as our default national celebrity, there existed an even richer, flashier heiress, way back in the mid-20th century: Doris Duke (okay, she was also a philanthropist).

Duke, the only child of tobacco tycoon James Buchanan Duke, lived an opulent life made for constant retellings, of which there have already been many.

Several books and one miniseries have been adapted from Duke’s life and times, and tonight comes HBO’s long-overdue movie version.

Not quite a true-blue biopic, Bernard and Doris centers on the somewhat controversial relationship shared between Doris (Susan Sarandon) and her benificiary butler Bernard Lafferty (Ralph Fiennes), who was widely considered a negative figure and an enabler for Duke towards the end of her life. So in today’s terms, Bernard was the Sam Lufti to Doris’ Britney Spears (depending, of course, upon who you believe in the ongoing Spears saga).

For those more interested in the MTV Cribs aspect of this money-rooted story, Bernard and Doris also has you covered.

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