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Thursday: ‘Iconoclasts’

[IMG:L]Iconoclasts — 10/9c on Sundance

Dancing with the Stars isn’t the only reality-ish show to see its season end this week.

Sundance Channel’s Iconoclasts, a wee bit lesser-known celeb show than DWTS (although it was recently parodied on Saturday Night Live, so somebody must be watching!), closes up another top-notch six-episode run tonight.

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And how fitting it is to end a season that opened with Sean Penn and Jon Krakauer venturing Into the Wild on an equally high note, with Ashley Judd and Madeleine Albright.

Season three also paired together the likes of Alicia Keys with Ruby Dee and Mike Myers with Deepak Chopra, but the best might’ve been saved for last.

Among the topics discussed between actress Judd and former Secretary of State Albright: their volunteer work with international organizations promoting democracy and health in developing countries–and, presumably, something spontaneous!


[IMG:R]30 Rock — 8:30/7:30c on NBC
It was a rough go without 30 Rock on Thanksgiving Thursday, as the show has seemed at its absolute peek of late (even though that could be said about every episode since the Pilot), but Tina Fey is thankfully back. In a potential goof on Tracy Morgan’s well-publicized real-life legal troubles, his character, Tracy Jordan, coaches an inner-city baseball team as part of his community service. Liz (Fey), meanwhile, gets wooed by a hunky coffee guy, who just so happens to be 17 years her junior! And being that Edie Falco is returning from the previous episode, it’s safe to assume what, or who, Jack (Alec Baldwin), is doing, or trying to do.

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