13 tweets that will convince you to go to the movies

moviewpackIt’s Sunday Funday and we’re already making plans for next weekend.

With movie theatres reopening across the country, we took a look at what moviegoers are saying about being back at the movie theaters.

See some of our favorite tweets below that will convince you to go to a movie theater near you.

Get you a man (or anyone) who rents out an entire movie theater for you (we have all the deets on how to rent a movie theater right here!––send this link to your bae).

Idk why but Buncha Crunch do hit differently in the movie theater. I once ate them not at the movies and was disappointed. 

Movie theater popcorn is worth every penny, don’t @ us!

One whiff is all it takes (sung Dua Lipa style).

I’ll take the largest popcorn you have, please. No, wait, just gimme all you got!

There’s truly nothing like it.

Don’t worry we’re fine just sobbing.

On that note, don’t be surprised if an action movie makes you cry.

Where else can you completely unplug from the world while also chilling in a super comfy seat?!

There’s seriously NOTHING like it!

I am healthy I am wealthy I am rich *posts to TikTok


Literally my favorite thing.

Okay, you convinced me, but what movie theaters near me are open?

We got you fam:

Use this tool to search for an AMC movie theater near you.
Use this tool to search for a Regal Theatre near you.
Use this tool to search for a Cinemark movie theater near you. 
Use this tool to search for a Paragon movie theater near you. 
Use this tool to search for a Marcus movie theater near you. 
Use this tool to search for a Bow Tie movie theater near you. 

Now all you have to do is pick from the latest weekend movie releases, find the best movie showtime, and buy those movie tickets! Just don’t forget the snacks.

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