4 Things We Learned From The Newly Released ‘Suicide Squad’ Photos

The much anticipated film from Warner Brothers and D.C. Comics, Suicide Squad, hits theaters in August, but ever since we found out Jared Leto was playing the Joker and Harley Quinn was making her big screen debut, most of us have been a little bit restless.

The film focuses on Task Force X, a team of  imprisoned super villains that the government cuts a deal with. They’re sent out on special tasks, and if completed, they get a shorter prison sentence. The film has cast some major stars like Cara Delevingne,Will Smith and Margot Robbie in addition to Leto, so we’re all left wondering who exactly will be the main focus?

There hasn’t been much news about what kind of a role the Joker will be taking in the film, but a newly released set of stills, found on F-yeah Jared Leto and originally printed in the French magazine Total Film, show some potential insight on what the mysteriously under-wraps production might be like.

1. The Joker is probably a major focus in the film.

suicide squad
Warner Brothers

It’d be a little presumptuous to say that Leto’s character is the lead villain, but based on the fact that Harley Quinn and the Joker share a tumultuous romance and it’s her character’s film debut, we’re thinking that may be a huge focus. This new photo shows the Joker in civilian clothes which hints at the fact that we might see a bit more of his story as a person, rather than just watch him being an insane, scary bad guy.

2. Enchantress is going to be really, really frightening — and we’re going to learn a lot about her.

suicide squad 4
Warner Brothers

Props to Cara Delevingne for giving Enchantress a super powerful, frightening female super villain vibe. Her character is one of the least known in the D.C. Comics universe, but this photo is a powerful image that gives us reason to believe she’s going to be one of the film’s main characters. Also, her connection with Lex Luthor in the comic books makes us think that perhaps there will be more than one twisted romantic plot line.

3. Harley Quinn is wild, and may get in a bit of trouble by not following authority.

harley quinn
Warner Brothers

We already know that Harley Quinn has a tumultuous relationship with the Joker, and the newly released photos of his character hint that we might get some more insight about that in the film. Still, if there’s anything these photos of Harley Quinn prove, it’s that she’s an insanely tough, awesome character — no surprise here! What’s interesting is that in the still, Harley is in her pajamas/prison uniform in what looks like a jail, fighting what appears to be an armored guard. Perhaps the super villain doesn’t play kindly with the law even after she’s caught, imprisoned and working for the government.

4. Deadshot and Rick Flag are at odds with each other.

suicide squad 2
Warner Brothers

We already knew this from the comic books, but this interaction definitely looks heated.

Unfortunately, while these photos may hint at plot lines (because Warner Brothers just has to be all mysterious about this film) we can only speculate until we get to see Suicide Squad in August.

What do you think?