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Lifetime Casts *NSYNC In Britney Spears Biopic And They’re Boy Band-licious

nsync lifetime
Jenna Berman/Lifetime

Lifetime’s Britney, the biopic Britney Spears never wanted, has finally cast the role of the ’90s boy band *NSYNC. Good Lord, are their choices so spot on. It’s actually kind of creepy.

Following the news that Nathan Keyes would play Justin Timberlake, *NSYNC will be filled out with Zac Vran as JC Chasez, Matt Visser as Joey Fatone, Connor Paton as Lance Bass, and Frankie Cena as Chris Kirkpatrick (Who? Did anyone else forget Chris existed?). 

Timberlake and Spears had a tumultuous love. They went from epic, coordinating denim outfits at the VMAs and allegedly losing their virginity together to a high-profile split that allegedly inspired Justin’s song “Cry Me A River.” 

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Britney will most certainly delve into the couple’s relationship. The film is supposed to follow Spears’ journey to becoming a pop super star — from living in a small town in Louisiana and joining Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club to shaving her head and having a 55-hour marriage. 

The film will also star Clayton Chitty as Kevin Federline, Spears’ ex-husband with which she had three kids, Nicole Oliver as her mom Lynne, Matthew Harrison as her dad Jamie and Tamara Thorsen as Jenna Dewan, who was briefly linked Timberlake. Peter Benson will play her manager Larry McCabe, Markian Tarasiuk will play her choreographer Wade Robinson, and Kelly McCabe will play Jason Alexander, the childhood friend Spears married for 55 hours.

Check out the cast below. They totally nailed the whole boy band thing.

Zac Vran as JC Chasez

Jenna Berman/Lifetime

Matt Visser as Joey Fatone

joey fatone
Jenna Berman/Lifetime

Connor Paton as Lance Bass

lance bass
Jenna Berman/Lifetime

Frankie Cena as Chris Kirkpatrick

Jenna Berman/Lifetime

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