Marvel Fans Desperately Want Disney To Give Captain America A Beau

Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Captain America First Avenger, Disney, 052416

Shortly after Broadway star Idina Menzel threw her support behind the #GiveElsaAGirlfriend campaign, a new and slightly surprising campaign has popped up on Twitter, #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend. While the original hashtag suggested that Disney give Frozen‘s ice princess Elsa, a same-sex partner, the latter is hoping that the Wonderful World will do the same with our favorite shield bearing Avenger. When we first met Steve Rogers in Captain America: The First Avenger, he has his sights stuck on Special Agent Peggy Carter, and most recently after mourning the loss of Peggy in Captain America: Civil War, Cap’ and her niece Special Agent Sharon Carter found themselves in a bit of a romantic entanglement. (Incestuous much?!)


Unfortunately, Cap’ and Sharon’s romance is about as interesting as a sack of dirt, and the two don’t have an ounce of the chemistry that The Vision has with Scarlet Witch or Black Widow has with The Hulk. In fact, the one person that does seems to get Steve Rogers’ blood pumping is his BFF Bucky Barnes, and Marvel fans have taken note.

Some fans have even suggested that despite the animosity between them, Cap’ and Tony Stark aka Iron Man would also be a great fit.

After GLAAD reported that Disney failed to include even one LGBTQ character in their major 2015 films, Disney is under quite a bit of pressure to be inclusive. We definitely ship Cap’ and Bucky, so the choice seems really clear to us!