Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman Diet Is Extreme

One of an actress’ favorite things to do is pretend that she has normal eating habits, especially while she’s training for (or actually filming) a very high-profile movie. She enjoys sitting down on late night shows and talking about how when she’d be working out with her on-set trainer, she’d say she had to go into their trailer to get some water but instead, she’d sit in the closet and eat cheesecake. They just love pretending they have the freedom to do those type of things! But in reality, they don’t. The truth is, they eat absolutely nothing for four or five months in order to fit into their red bikinis and their hula skirts and their oversized ex-boyfriend t-shirts. They just pretend that they eat like the rest of us while on set so as not to create a media swarm about how they have an eating disorder.

But Anne Hathaway (who’s been in the news quite often this week) decided against perpetuating the belief that actresses eat normally while on set when she sat down with Chelsea Handler and explained the diet she’s on while she’s filming The Dark Knight Rises. She said, “I’m a vegetarian and right now, I’m living on kale and dust for the training. That catsuit’s unforgiving!” Hathaway also recalled how in the past, she used to hate working out: “Last time I was here we talked about how much I really don’t like working out. I really like it now. I know, that’s like, ugh…that person…There’s a workout hump where you’re so weak that you hate everything and everything’s painful, and you look like an idiot. Like, the gym that I work out at, I was literally working out next to a pregnant Jessica Alba, and she could do more pushups than I could!” And while that might be true, it’s clear that Anne’s lack of sustenance has already negatively affected her judgment — one thing she shouldn’t be doing right now is reaffirming lots of people’s beliefs that she shouldn’t have been given the role of Catwoman and suggesting that Christopher Nolan would have been better off with the chick from Honey.

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Source: E!