James Franco Helps a Fan Get Back at Her Ex in the Cutest Way Possible

James FrancoWENN

James Franco has been labeled everything from pretentious wannabe artiste to Hollywood heartbreaker. But today, the world fell a little bit in love with the adorable guy who helped cheer up a broken hearted teen. According to Us Weekly, the actor recently did a photo shoot in a private Beverly Hills home where 15-year-old Greta Pasqua lives with her father. During the shoot, Franco learned that Pasqua’s boyfriend had just broken up with her and she was feeling really depressed. When the 35-year-old charmer found out, he gave the girl a pep talk and planned out some revenge for the boy who broke her heart. 

According to a source, the duo took a photo together where Franco wrapped his arms around Pasqua and looked dreamily into the camera. He then advised Pasqua to post it on Facebook, where her ex (who is a huge Franco fan) would see it. Afterward, the source revealed that, “Her ex is all of the sudden starting to think he made the wrong decision!” 

Aw James. What a cutie!

Watch out for Franco when his next film, Homefront, hits theaters this November, and check out the awesome revenge photo of him and Pasqua here