LOOK: This Is What Meredith From ‘The Parent Trap’ Is Up To Now

If you were a ’90s kid then one of the quintessential films that marked your childhood was the Lindsay Lohan star vehicle, The Parent Trap. In the film, Lohan starred as 11-year old twins Hallie and Annie, who meet at a summer camp and conspire to bring their estranged parents together. Though Dennis Quaid and the late Natasha Richardson were both lovely in their respective roles, it was actress Elaine Hendrix‘s portrayal of the gold-digging, child-hating Meredith Blake that stole every single scene that she was in.

Seriously, we’re no fan of camping either, but Meredith was an absolute pill. To this day, every time we think of Meredith with that lizard stuck in her mouth, we nearly die of laughter.


Since The Parent Trap, Hendrix has gone on to star in tons of films and several television series including Joan of Arcadia and most recently FX‘s Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll.

Flip to see what Elaine Hendrix looks like now.


Unlike the wretched Meredith, Elaine is actually amazeballs. She’s a huge equal rights and animal activist who is vocal not just about tolerance, but true acceptance of other people. In 2012, she founded The Pet Matchmaker, an organization dedicated to celebrating and inspiring the rescue, foster and adoption of homeless pets everywhere.

Though Elaine is clearly dazzling the world with her awesomeness, we’d still secretly like to imagine that Meredith is still in that lake floating along on an air mattress.