Sean Young Arrested at Oscars Party: Her 5 Craziest Moments

Almost lost in the shuffle of Sunday night’s Academy Awards — and Sacha Baron Cohen‘s stunt beforehand— was the fact that Sean Young (you remember her: Blade Runner, the 1980s, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew) was arrested at an Oscars after-party for allegedly slapping a security guard who tried to kick her out for, unsurprisingly, not having a ticket to the event. It’s just the latest incident for the once-great actress who has basically devolved into the female version of Gary Busey (we would’ve said Nick Nolte if she still got acting gigs) and got us thinking about her craziest moments. With some difficulty, we whittled them down to five …

Heckling Julian Schnabel


In January 2008, at the prestigious, serious-minded Directors Guild of America Awards, Julian Schnabel was giving his acceptance speech for The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, but it was a little unexciting for Young, who yelled, “Come on, get to it!” She was escorted out by security, and soon thereafter “voluntarily” entered rehab for alcohol abuse.

Catwoman Craziness, Part 1


A well-known true Hollywood story is the one about Young being cast in Tim Burton’s Batman as Vicki Vale, only to be replaced by Kim Basinger after Young broke her arm during rehearsals. That’s the unfortunate part of the story; the weird part involves Young going to the Warner Bros. lot and pleading to Burton and Michael Keaton for the role of Catwoman in the 1992 sequel … while wearing a homemade Catwoman suit.

Catwoman Craziness, Part 2

In a bizarre (to say the least) appearance on Late Show with David Letterman just last year, Young again donned her own Catwoman suit, this time in a clip in which she essentially begs passersby for working and yells, “I’m not crazy!” Truly a little disturbing.

Riding the Aniston Train


Last night wasn’t Young’s first run-in with the law at an Oscars after-party. That’s right – at the Vanity Fair gathering in 2006, she used the excitement caused by Jennifer Aniston’s arrival to create a diversion that would enable her to sneak in undetected. She only enjoyed a few minutes of glory before security got wind of her successful breach, but … this stunt was actually kinda impressive and in a way the smartest thing she’s done in about a decade.

Sued for Harassment by James Woods


Nobody remembers the fairly awful 1988 romance drama The Boost – but a lot of people probably can’t forget the real-life romance drama that followed it: Stars James Woods and Young shared a passionate-turned-tumultuous relationship whose end was punctuated by Woods’ claims that Young was stalking him and his $2 million harassment lawsuit against her. (Young maintains her innocence and calls the debacle a misunderstanding.)