Adam Sandler Breaks Razzie Record: His Worst Year in Movies?

Jack & JillAlthough dozens of movies are released every year, it makes sense that we only recognize up to ten in the Best Picture category at the Academy Awards. This is because generally, the vast majority of the movies released in a given year are pretty bad. Sometimes really bad. That’s why America has the Razzie Awards: a recognition of the worst cinema of the past year. And in this world of widespread big screen garbage, it must really take a lot for a single individual to stand out among the rest. Ladies and gentlemen, Adam Sandler: the recipient of eleven Razzie Award nominations for 2011—a new record.

To be fair, Sandler is not always a propagator of bad movies. Over the years, he has treated audiences to some fun and interesting stuff (check the high end of the Adam Sandler Stupidity Scale for reference). But this year, what the world got from Sandler was…less of a treat. Sandler’s 32nd Annual Razzie Award nominations come attached to his work in the films Jack & Jill, Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star, and Just Go with It. Sandler earned nods in such categories as Worst Picture (as producers for both Jack and Jill and Bucky Larson) as well as for Worst Actor, Worst Actress (now that’s transcendent), Worst Screenplay, Worst Ensemble and Worst Onscreen Couple, with multiple nominations in several of the categories.

Sandler’s eleven nods in a single year more than doubles the previous record, set by Eddie Murphy in 2007 at the 28th Annual Razzie Awards, for his work in Norbit

John Wilson, head of the Razzies, tells, “Sandler had a role, as an actor, writer or producer, in three of 2011’s most critically reviled movies. Bucky, which Sandler co-wrote and co-produced, was both a box office bomb AND received a rare 0% Approval Rating at Rotten Tomatoes. Critics’ opinions play a major role in how we select our nominees. Other factors in our process include financial info—what did the movie cost? How much was lost?—and what we call the “Razzie Pedigree” of a film; i.e., do the actors or filmmakers involved have a past history with our awards? On all of these criteria, Sandler’s three films stood out as among 2011’s ‘Berry Worst.'”
Wilson went on to add, “Showing that he has a sense of humor about himself would go a long way toward ‘redeeming’ Sandler in the eyes of moviegoers. Maybe he should follow in the hallowed footsteps of Sandra Bullock and Halle Berry, and show up—dressed as ‘Jill’?—to accept any Razzies he or his films may ‘win.'” 
Other noteworthy entries of this year include The Hangover Part II, nominated in the Worst Prequel, Remake, Spin-Off or Sequel category. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I was attached to eight nominations, Transformers: Dark of the Moon had six, and New Year’s Eve five. But nothing tops the twelve nods for Jack & Jill, or the resounding eleven for multi-hyphenate Sandler. After the comedian’s profession of his desire to create something honest and real during the video interview segment last night at the Oscars, it can be hoped that he’ll lend his attention to more projects like Funny People and Punch Drunk Love. But it sure does feel like Jack & Jill 2: Pacino’s Revenge isn’t that far off from a possibility.

Source: Razzies