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BuzzWatch Video: 15 Very Nerdy Jokes

The visionary Jeff Kanew predicted it when he directed Revenge of the Nerds in 1984 — the age of geek power is upon us. No longer must we hide our love for chemistry, blush over our adherence to proper grammar, reserve our mathematical passions for “alone time.” We are blessed to live through an era of dork pride, and Buzzfeed is celebrating our academic fervors with a video of 15 of the nerdiest jokes you’ll ever hear.

Credit: Buzzfeed

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It doesn’t matter if your particular niche is chemistry, logistics, computer science, or linguistics. The video will speak to you with some cheeky humor that’ll be sure to spark some head-scratching in those infernal non-nerd friends of yours. But be tolerant — they used to fend off bullies for you, remember?

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