FBI Release Statement On Brad Pitt’s Child Abuse Investigation. Was The Incident Caught On Film?


Things aren’t looking great for Brad PittThough the LAPD have said they’re not investigating Pitt after accusations of child abuse, the FBI actually is.

The FBI released a statement regarding Pitt’s incident on the private plane. They said:

“In response to your inquiry regarding allegations within the special aircraft jurisdiction of the United States; specifically, an aircraft carrying Mr. Brad Pitt and his children, the FBI is continuing to gather facts and will evaluate whether an investigation at the federal level will be pursued.”

Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Pitt earlier this week, and rumors stated that Jolie was unhappy with how Pitt treated their children. Allegedly, the incident that sparked the filing occurred on a private flight when Pitt allegedly had too much to drink and got verbally and physically abusive. This is what the FBI is looking into, but they might have even more evidence than eye witness reports. Apparently the whole thing was caught on camera.

Obviously, if you’re arguing on a tarmac in the airport, cameras are everywhere. Us Weekly claims the whole thing was caught on camera, though the sources are conflicting on just how heated Pitt got.

One source claims the video shows no physical abuse and “Brad is seen yelling a lot during it, but nothing physical.”

Another insider reveals, “He got drunk and was fighting with Angie. Maddox stepped in to defend Angie and got in Brad’s face.”

According to TMZ things did get physical. The father-of-six lunged at his oldest son who was defending Angelina. Reportedly, Angelina was standing between Maddox and Brad and Brad got physical with the teenager in some way.

Others say the reports are fabricated, exaggerated and taken out of context. It’s really hard to tell exactly what’s going on, but if the FBI is looking into it, we’ll likely get answers soon.

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