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AMC’s ‘Black Dog’ on Friday

If you’re anything like me, you are a card-carrying, jacket-wearing member of the “Bad Patrick Swayze Movie” fan club. Thankfully, he’s given us many pieces of work to fanaticize about: Road House, Point Break, Father Hood, to name a few.

So how lovely and ironic it was to see that Swayze’s 1998 non-hit, Black Dog, would be airing on–wait for it–AMC. Yes, the cable channel that does, in fact, stand for American Movie Classics.

The story follows Swayze’s Jack Crews, an ex-con who takes a job as a truck driver. Unbeknownst to him, his truck is carrying a stock of illegal weapons, which sends stereotypical ‘bad guys’ after him and his family. It’s a big over-the-top action spectacle to feast your eyes on. What more do you want?

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Black Dog airs tonight at 10/9c on AMC

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